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Full Version: Roll Call! Who's coming?
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(07-04-2009, 11:54 PM)marigold Wrote: [ -> ]I'm gonna tweet VAMPS_USA again and ask if they can do what Noctilca suggested (I sent one earlier asking if they could give the passes at BCC, but I wasn't thinking straight XD; ). 'cause seriously..I've really had it with this bullcrap Icon_down

Yeah, I know how you feel Icon_confused It would be so great if VAMPS_USA could work something out...let us know what they say Icon_3nodding
I don't remember what thread we were talking about this in, lol, but Otakon - about asking questions. Anyone figure out WHERE to ask?

VAMPS_USA replied to me again, but all they said was, "VAMPS_USA@twirlynao Yes on OTAKON site" ... x_x I'm looking on the site and I can't find anything! Dx
So apparently the Otakon special pass thing was...the Sonar ticket?

Quote:VAMPS_USA everyone can get into the VAMPS panel. But if you have Sonar ticket, you can get in the panel first, Otakon pass required.

It sure would've been nice if they said that in the first place >.>

So...I've been freaking out over pretty much nothing all this time? XD; Icon_eh Icon_gonk

I don't think I still get it..and I don't think whoever answered my tweet understands either.. Icon_crying

I thought: If you have Sonar ticket and Otakon badge you can get a fast past for panel (limited edition for fast pass). People with fast pass can get in front of everyone else. After fast-pass people then it's first come first serve.

So like, maybe there is 50 passes, but the room can hold 200 people total. Those 50 people get to go first then the other 150 can go if there is still room/time. Yeah?

Since it's supposed to be limited I don't think they can use the concert ticket as a pass, because that's like 1,000 people. That's not really limited.

I thought you just needed Sonar ticket and Otakon badge to (maybe) get the fast pass.

This is confusing. x.X There is not much time left, everything really needs to get cleared up for everyone.
from the vamps thread on the otakon forum

Quote:[quote name='alabaster' date='Jun 21 2009, 08:20 PM' post='195662']
No, you do NOT have to have been to the show to go to the panel. It's open to all Otakon members -- up until the point where the room fills up (and it'll hold a fair number of people). However, those who went to the show will have access to priority seating near the front, until we run out of those seats. (We *will* be clearing the room for this one, and will have extra line control staff on hand.)

The priority seating thing is part of the cross promotion we worked out with VAMPS; however, there will be a set number of those seats reserved (a few hundred in a room that holds about 700) and when they are gone, it's back to first-come first-served. There will also be a fairly limited number of autograph passes given out, per our agreement with the band. To avoid disappointment, I'm going to caution you all to NOT expect to get an autograph from VAMPS.

Also as you might expect, they will also be strict about photography/videography (as is often, but not always, the case with our musical guests). All such policies will be posted at the con, but I'll try to remember to give you all a heads-up of the exact policy -- which is likely to be no camera/video at all (though I'm arguing for at least some footage). It is worth noting that violating the camera policy is grounds for revoking your membership; we have to take such things seriously to maintain our ability to get top-tier guests.

from what I understand, the special passes are for panel priority seating and autograph pass as well.
I also read that the room will be cleared before the panel starts so if you don't get a pass but get in line you'll be able to get a seat most likely but most likely no autograph for you xD I guess the passes aren't so hot unless you miss out on the meet and greet at the sonar though.

what I don't understand is why come the info from vamps_usa isn't matching up with otakon? :( and when will it? makes me wonder who is right... >.<
The tweets VAMPS_USA posts are confusing sometimes... and I'd rely on what the Otakon person (I'm assuming it's someone who knows what they're talking about/staff?) is saying rather then VAMPS_USA twitter.

I would really like things to be cleared up so we're not all scrambling the day of. @____@;;;

I assumed we'd get a special ticket or something at Sonar or when we picked up our badges for going into the panel early. But perhaps there will be a special booth set up on Friday at the con/dealers room and they will give out autograph passes there? I feel like autograph passes and panel passes are going to be separate things. :|

Gahhh, this is coming up too soon, and I'd really like to know before the NYC show, since when that starts, that whole week prior I won't really have internet/computer access AT ALL. x___x;;;
My head's still spinning from the VAMPS_USA tweet and now from the quote yamiko posted @__@ Icon_gonk

I suck at math, but..I'm gonna try to figure this out here XD.

So the panel room holds 700 people. alabaster says "a few hundred" seats will be reserved for Otakon 'members' who went to Sonar. So we have to estimate how many fans going to Sonar are also going to Otakon. Could it really be "a few hundred"?

And so I guess the special pass thing was for the autograph session. They really should've made that clear. I think missykitty's assumption of the panel and autograph passes being separate things is right, which totally sucks, but.. Icon_crying

So because of this new(?) news, we also need to figure just how limited the autograph passes are. I guess this will be a 'first come, first serve' thing, and we probably will have to go with what alabaster said and not count on getting in.
So it was a good thing VAMPS decided to have an autograph signing at Sonar XD; And...maybe this also means we don't have to go back and forth to pick up our badges on Thursday? Although I still don't understand why they tried to make us basically learn teleportation and sh*t >__>;
Hey, teleportation is a good skill to have, okay? I have level 10 teleportation and it is very helpful. So don't be a hater. Get off your lazy butt and go level up and you won't have any problems getting back and forth, n00b.

At least Otakon people will get two changes to get an autograph. With all the confusion around this I think everyone is going to be very lost the day of the concert.

Otakon really needs to hurry up with the 'details coming soon' because the concert isn't that far off. Not everyone will have internet access once they start traveling so they need to release their details...right now.
^ Please forgive me, Tokio-sensei..I wasn't hating on the art at all Icon_crying I'm only a level 3(40%)..please have mercy Icon_redface

lol but seriously...they need to stop teasing, and set this up right..or else they're gonna be dealing with a whole lot of fuming fangirls Icon_evil
Agh, I'm getting so confused! Icon_scream

I just wrote to Otakon and asked for a run down of what we're supposed to do on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully they'll respond soon. (I've tried calling them, but no one answers and their voice mail is full)
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