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Full Version: NYC attendees?
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I'm trying not to think about how much I still need to do before this. |D Because going to the 4 east coast shows, that means I need to be finished with everything for Otakon by Friday... or really Thursday morning, as I have a photography gig Thursday night and I'll need to sort through the 500+ picture I know I'll take on Friday morning, before heading to NYC. Ahhhh alsdjflsdk SO MUCH TO DO.

I want time to slow down, but at the same time I WANT VAMPS! XDDD *flails and panics and glues and sews and organizes and packs*
I feel the same x.x My finals are almost over but I'm not ready for the trip yet x_x 4 days and I'll travel.. I want them to last for a while though (so much to read and do!!)
Waaa I still have to finish my letter to Hyde-sama and the Guys! Ahhhg I'm not ready!!! But I'm so exited! 5 hours on a Plane an my first time at an North American Subway to get to my hotel...that kinda makes me Nervous XD
>.< I haven't even figured out my ride there yet! @~@ I need to dye my hair and and... -brain explodes-
im so excited i leave in 3 days *O* cant wait to get over there!!....and i think i have everything organised LOL
I feel like there are a bunch of things I should be doing, but I really just need to decide on an outfit Icon_confused

Bad news -- it is suppose to rain on Saturday -- that will be kinda annoying while we are lined up Icon_cry
Don't worry, with all the exitement there, just take out an umbrella and enyoy yourself! :3 Keep it positive!
That should be better than the killing Heat I suffered when I saw An Cafe @.@ OH BOY! That was hell on earth. won't rain. It won't. If we all hope it won't rain, IT WON'T!!!!!! Dx |D

Let's just not think of that because I reallyreally don't want to be sitting there for 32048239 hours in the rain. ;____; I had to wait only like, 1-2 hours in the rain for a show once AND IT WAS NOT FUN. At all. Dx
crap Icon_gonk Thought I didn't have to take an umbrella or jacket, but..crap! Icon_gonk
And could one of the Street Team leaders make a new thread regarding the number of fans who bought/made Street Team shirts? Think it'd be good to know who's a part of it, and we can arrange to meetup to pass out glow bracelets, etc. Thank you Icon_heart
D; Rain nooooo~!

*looks for an umbrella*
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