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Full Version: NYC attendees?
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^^ that shirt looks really awesome!~
I really don't think people would be that mean to you if you held a Mexican flag - you're just showing love for your country!! :)
It's ultimatly up to you though
The show that was originally scheduled for Friday night has been canceled, so I think we can line up whenever we want...

If some other event gets scheduled in its place, I would think we could line up about an hour after the "Doors Open" time - that way most of the people would be inside already and we wouldn't disrupt their night or make things too complicated for the venue staff.
Hmmm...I'm really not the type to camp out....but you guys are making me worry that when I get there the line is going to be so huge...
I think that lining up at 7 pm from the day before is really insane. Why can't u all wait until 11 pm or something closer to the next day?
im not camping out XD i'll probably arrive around 9am - 10am......i really dont think the line will be huge until later in the arvo, it seems theres only a few fans planning on camping out and getting there really early.
Yeah no way I'm camping out for anyone lol. I'll get there the day of the show, maybe early afternoon at the earliest.
Yeah I doubt the line is going to be long by then I mean not even the tickets are sold out =/
The thing is, I've been to sooo many shows here in NYC and even when they are sold out I arrive only an hour before doors open and the lines don't get crazy long until after doors open. Even the one time I was in the front of the stage for Danzig I didn't arrive to the venue too early. I was there maybe two hours before doors opened that's all and I got to be in the front.

Don't worry, even if the tickets don't sell out completely the venue is not that big so I think it'll be pretty full anyway.
I really wish the show the night before wasn't canceled, ugh. Dx That sucks... that gives people more reason to camp out. XD I definitely know a few friends of mine who are planning to be there by 8pm. >_>;;; I'm thinking I'll get there around midnight, but only because I've never camped out for a show before and I want to. I want to guarantee myself a spot at the barrier. :P
(06-11-2009, 03:38 PM)Kikyo_Takarai Wrote: [ -> ]Thats so cool!!! Hey girls... I wanted to hold a Mexican flag in the concert for Hyde-sama to see it, but... I´m kinda afraid of people ataking me for being Mexican! And I don´t want to be hurt in the most special day of my life, its just tooo sad. XD What do you think?

Plus! Im wearing a Handmade Tshirt that day, What do you guys think about it,?
that's a really nice shirt! I like. About the Mexican flag, i think it should be fine. I dont think anyone is going to say anything unless it's really big.

and damn the show the night before got canceled? noooo more reasons for people to camp out. lol.
I'm not camping out. I'll probably line up early. 8AM probably.

I'm surprised the tickets aren't sold out yet Icon_eh
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