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"Seppun" or "Kuchizuke?"
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RE: "Seppun" or "Kuchizuke?"
i've only seen the title listed as Seppun a few times on YT vids. mostly i've seen the romanized version translated as Kuchizuke.

that makes sense to me as it is the more modern word for Kiss and it is the first word Hyde sings. "kuchizuke o kawasou itsuwari o hazushi".

my old Tofu US version of SMILE lists it as Kuchizuke, while the Japanese limited version has the kanji..which does translate out by several online translators as seppun. Icon_confused

so, i think i have to go with what they have called it onstage or in interviews to get the feel they were going for. not an old-fashioned kisss, but one that packs a punch. Icon_lol

i've seen some other lyricists use obscure kanji in their lyrics purposely to make a point perhaps, but then sing the more commonly known word instead, so it isn't unheard of to do that. ^ ^
01-31-2013, 12:55 PM
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