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my own vamps shirt & a fan-gift for hyde project
~R.A.I.N.~ Away


Oct 2010


Went. I Went to the RoseLand Ballroom Show on Oct. 9th 2010 in New York City I loved this Venue I hope VAMPS comes back to perform at this venue!~ <3
my own vamps shirt & a fan-gift for hyde project
hello there, ^-^
I heard about the street team designs for their T-shirt project
(which was cancelled) :( they looked like they were gonna be awesome shirts, even before hearing about the project, I really wanted to design my own VAMPS T-shirt.. but I don't know how to get the design the
shirt I want, or even which design I want I've never done this before either so.. if anyone wants to share tips or ideas~

I would love to hear-err read them ^-^ Icon_heart

What I thought about was maybe a black t-shirt
that says VAMPS across in a darkish Red color,
and my name "~R.A.I.N~" on the back in the same way
with a design on the back or front, because just "VAMPS"
and my name seems a bit boring..

maybe I could add "Vamp Addict"
or a lyric somewhere on it.. maybe "Embrace our Instinct.."

And I want to make Hyde a present, maybe a painting or something
I don't know how to get it to him :( any ideas?

xD another thing I want to do is start working on a banner for the next time they have a show in NYC. I'm such a Newbie.. ^-^ teehehe

I want to f l y
waiting for s u n r i s e...

Love. Peace. & Vampyres.
10-27-2010, 09:52 PM
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