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Yup, I think you all were the ones that got me sick!

Review copypasta from my livejournal:
Okay, I completely fail at writing reports but here goes anyway:


This was the first time I've EVER traveled alone, so I was a bit scared. Thankfully the airport was fairly easy and I got through security with no problems. My flight to Vegas did get delayed like 2 hours though, agh.

On Monday night I was leaving the Hard Rock Cafe and there was a guy in a pink mohawk handing out VAMPS postcard/flyer things. So I hung out around the door watching him and met another fan, Masayo. Together, her and I helped mohawk boy hand out the flyers. We danced around outside the door to the cafe for about 3 hours. It was freezing and we got laughed at a few times, but was fun.

We then met up with Jazmin and Bebe and went to dinner. Fun times. We were supposed to meet up again after running to our rooms really quick but Jazmin's phone died so I couldn't call her to find out where everyone went. By the time she got in contact with me it was really late and I was crazy tired, so I just went to bed.

Concert Day:

We were told by the staff at the Cafe that we couldn't line up until 4pm, so I thought I had time to get ready. Thankfully that morning someone told me that a staff member was handing out line numbers, so we wouldn't have to stand around taking up space. I hauled butt the venue and was number 23, I think it was somewhere around 11am-ish.

Just to stay safe I hung out on the second floor of the Hard Rock (1st floor: rock shop, 2nd floor: cafe, 3rd floor: venue). About an hour before we were allowed to line up (5pm they were saying this time) I went back to my room really quick to freshen up.

By the time we got back we had a bit of drama. Phil, the facilities manager that had been numbering us, had left for the day. He had told us we would line up outside at 5pm. Someone else told other fans that we would line up inside on the stairs, so the numbered fans were all waiting outside and other fans were waiting inside.

I asked a staff member about it and she said she would ask but she didn't think we were doing the number thing anymore. That did not go over well. When another manager came out to have us line up, people with front of line numbers threw a fit until he put us all in order, lol.

Then we waited on the uncomfortable staircase until they let us in.


We got patted down by security upon entering. Seriously. First time I've ever been patted down, and it was for a concert of all things.

The venue was pretty small, low stage and no barricade. I was second row, center, so I could reach the stage easily.

When the band came out they were right there. Like 2 feet away. Hyde had on some black and white sheer shirt that was open in the front, torn looking jeans and black shoes/boots(?). There were roses on the mic stand. After the first or second song one of the girls in front-diagonal of me yelled out a thank you to Hyde. He heard her and glanced at her, we all squealed, of course.

I had a nice clear view. I was also in perfect molestation position. Several times during the show Hyde would stand on the boxes (amps?) at the edge of the stage. All I had to do was reach forward and I could touch him. And I got to, several times.

Touched his feet, leg, tummy, hand (he kind of punched my hand), guitar and strings. For some reason I kept trying to hit his guitar strings. I don't know why, I'm just weird. At one point he made a biting motion toward the guy's hand in front of me, lol.

Ju-ken kept teasing us by leaning forward then falling back before we could reach him. I did manage to touch him and K.A.Z at some point though. And I didn't see it but I heard that at some point K.A.Z knocked down one of the mics?

Also, Ju-ken bit off one of the roses on the mic stand and spit them at the crowd.

Hyde did the same MC as the other venues, about eating crazy Americans. I think he also spoke in Japanese. K.A.Z said he lost his money gambling.

Like the other shows, he also did that really long sexing moan/sound/thing. It was amusing at first but he did it for so long it started to get awkward.

There was one point during the show where Hyde turned around and kind of leaned backwards a little bit. Someone farther back said it looked like he was sitting on us, lol.

There was a lot of suggestive dancing on Hyde's part. Y'know, hip shaking.

At one point we were singing along (hunting?) and Ju-ken held the mic stand out toward the crowed. Thalia was standing next to me and she reached over some people, grabbed the mic, and stole a guitar pick, ha.

During intermission, instead of yelling 'encore' like we usually do, we were stomping and chanting "bang on, stop everybody!" over and over.

During the "encore" (not really an encore, since it's planned. More like last set), Ju-ken had a sucker in his mouth. He leaned down toward the crowd and someone pulled it from his mouth. Ew.

When the show ended, us in the front grabbed Hyde's mic stand and ripped off all the roses. Sadly, later mine fell apart so I just threw it away, was fun though.

I was also crazy thirsty during the show. At the end one of the roadies put two (unopened) water bottles on the edge of the stage, and I leapt for it, lol.

Other Stuff:

After the show I went to my room real quick to clean up and then wandered around MGM casino. I ran into some other fans, but not the band. I did have some guy follow me through the casino and to the food court. Said he was bored and would keep me company. I left him at the food court, thankfully I did not run into him again after that.

Other people did run into the band. One girl had met Ju-ken around 5am at a slot machine Tuesday morning. Some other girls got to chat with Kaz for a bit, and got pictures with him. I saw pictures of two girls with Hyde on facebook. (not naming names because I don't know if people want to be named)

I didn't run into anyone, but because of jetlag I really had a hard time staying up all night. 2am there was like 5am my time, and I had to get up early Wednesday.

I am bruise free, happily. I did get elbowed in the shoulder a few times by Thalia, but no harm done. The crowd really wasn't that rough.

I got to meet several people from the forum, which was awesome.

I am, however, now sick. Thankfully, my throat doesn't hurt today but I'm still all sniffle-y.


So there ya have it. Please forgive spelling errors. I wrote it up quickly and haven't done a thorough re-read.
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