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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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Apr 2010


RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
(09-18-2010, 04:39 AM)Yuiku Wrote: [ SEP 17th SECRET LIVE ]

The venue was KAZOO HALL in Yamanashi. The capacity was about 250 people. This is the last show in Japan before they set out for the world tour. I wasn't there, nor watched live streaming, so I'm going to pick up MCs from other fan blogs.

For those who want the setlist, visit here.
Not only SECRET LIVE, she also updates about other Zepp setlists. If you like it and if you will be attending somewhere in the world tour, please help her to collect all setlists by sending her the setlist you remember. You can email her from the contact form right side on the blog. :D


HYDE: "Welcome to SECRET LIVE. How did you find here? Enjoy! Come on sexy guitar K.A.Z!" then LOVE ADDICT intro.

HYDE: "I wasn't expecting big thing like this. Seriously. don't have to shout like that because we are very close. Icon_biggrin We have reserved here for a long time, but even venue staff didn't know who was supposed to perform today. So they just put "Unknown" on the venue calender. I thought we would perform for only 3 people or so at first. We had a plan to give you a hint to find here, but as I looked the internet, you already found the answer. And, you were already like 'CATCH VAMPSIcon_twisted!!!'. Icon_lol Some people were even worried about our budget. This venue is about 80,000 or 90,000 yen, so they said it's easy for us to pay for here. How much do you think it costs to move all equipments for the stage?! It costs much indeed. I didn't think many fans would come like this, but another side of me told me to prepare a TV outside in case of lots of fans reach here. I hope both outside and inside fans enjoy the show!"

HYDE: "Hey hey you make me embarrassed. Well, eh, don't stare at me like that. Sex through eyes? I found this KAZOO HALL on a magazine when we recorded FAITH. I was like 'Yamanashi? KAZ?? Is this K.A.Z's father's club???'(*actually No) I thought this hall is perfect for the final after traveling Zepp in various places. And...what was that?....'Kanzen Himitsu Live'! How clever you are! I never thought of that. That idea made me amazed."

(the title of the show was Kanzen Himitsu Live (=Fully Secret Live) in Japanese. A fan on mixi, named Kou, started to think it means "K Z H L" = "KAZOO HALL")

HYDE: "We had a meeting to make a plan for today. 'Secret Live?' 'No, I prefer Himitsu Live.' 'Let's add Kanzen.' Then I looked up mixi after the show was announced, and read Kou's idea. Amazing. We shouldn't give you hint too many next time. Next time we will make a reservation by K.A.Z's father's name. You will find him on the stage." Icon_blaugh

(A fan shouted "How about HYDE's daddy---?!")

HYDE: "HYDE's dad? My dad is yabai. Icon_blaugh I saw my dad on a TV karaoke show once when I was a kid. I also read you were wondering why today's show starts earlier than other shows. It's just because I want to drink longer. Icon_blaugh In the meeting we dicussed about where fans would come up with. KAZOO HALL schedule..."Unknown", Wakayama Gate schedule...empty. "Unknown" is too suspicious!" Icon_lol

(Fans "What about Nagoya--?!" K.A.Z blurted out Nagoya on 15th show.)

HYDE: "I was on the 2nd floor at that time."
K.A.Z: "I don't remember what I said." Icon_blaugh
HYDE: "K.A.Z, why Nagoya? What's about it? Don't talk about your personal schedule in MC, K.A.Z. We will tell you about it later. He just didn't know he shouldn't tell."
K.A.Z: "What are you talking about?"
HYDE: "He didn't mean to. He did well changing the subject talking about Halloween soon after that. Oh... we talk too much. I'm hungry!!"

---encore from here---

HYDE: "We don't have secret live any more. I hope we can go to your town sometime. How about "Secret Tour"? Icon_blaugh Well, Yamanashi is where K.A.Z was brought up."
K.A.Z: "Welcome to Yamanashi. First time for you? Wait, who are from outside of Yamanashi prefecture?"

(There were many.)

K.A.Z: "Opposite. Who are from Yamanashi?...... Anyone who came to our show first time?"

(A few raised.)

K.A.Z: "Oh, there you are. Yamanashi is a very good place. There are no one on a street after 8:00PM. It's very quiet. Good for a trip. We have peaches, wines, and...Hoto (=local udon noodles) more. Icon_blaugh It's good for one day trip."

(Fan "Want to stay your place K.A.Z---!!")

HYDE: "Then you need to make friends with him in advance. You need to be closer than friendship... For you who attend our show first time, I won't be surprised if you are confused about this mysterious space. Don't worry, you cannot find wild and warm people like them elsewhere. They looked savage, but they are nice. Thank you so much for coming tonight. Thank you who are watching us outside! You are really warm and nice. Look forward to next show after the world tour!"

HYDE: "Thank you Yamanashi! We will be back!!"


ahhh sorry for being long.

Japan show before world tour is means.....they are on the way to your place! Hurray!

Thank you very much for reading my long report through the tour. And thank you all for your replies. Hope you enjoy your show!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I can't say anything just THANK YOU SO MUCH!

09-18-2010, 11:29 AM
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