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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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SEP 11th Tokyo, DEC 8th Tokyo
RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
[ SEP 15th Tokyo ]

- Mr.Oishi (@OISHI_MASAHIRO, president of MAVERICK) went to the show. He uploaded many pics. Thank you Syacho-! Before start Zepp Tokyo 6:60 Start! Crazier than usual Zepp Tokyo About half of the show Front row HYDE on the 2nd floor! Waiting for an encore Last song! Secret live announced! Finish

- I heard yasu, Chiaki Kuriyama, Eiko Kano, PAUL(44MAGNUM) and Mao(SID) were in VIP seat. Yasu was absolutely just a 'fangirl', waving to HYDE or staring at him with dreamy eyes. Icon_lol

- Bra HYDE. It was a white bra with black(or dark blue) straps. He had it on hood at first, then threw it while singing.

- K.A.Z MC: "Hi Tokyo. Zepp is almost over. We will go overseas, and then Nagoya....? Ops my mistake, Yoyogi." (Added Zepp Nagoya wasn't announced yet at this time. He didn't know he shouldn't tell.) "Oh, and we will have Halloween too. Anyone coming?" Many of us raised hands. "I have one thing I'm worried about going overseas. We have been on a diet since June, but you know foods are bigger than Japanese size over there. I would be very much wider when I'll be back. Icon_blaugh What would you do? Will you come to see us?" Fans "We will---!!" K.A.Z "Really? Even this much?" He gestured for being larger. Fans of course replied same. K.A.Z smiled. "You are really addicted to us."

- HYDE MC: "Coming here everyday makes me feel I come here to work. Recently I'm telling others that I work under the Ferris wheel." (There is Ferris wheel nearby Zepp Tokyo.) "Zepp Tokyo is kind of our home ground. Next show at here might be after 2012, but they said they won't fold up here until we will be back. Look forward to it! VAMPS will keep all standing concert, of course Yoyogi too. My dream is Tokyo Dome standing live! What we do is not always understandable to all people, but I really want to thank you for your support and understanding. Thank you so much. We are going to world tour and will be back after growing up." A fan shouted "Take care-!" HYDE answered. "I will!"

- HYDE: "Let's enjoy our last sex. Forget about tomorrow!"

- HYDE: "I'm having my tatoo done. I need to wrap my arms with plastic wrap, but it is very itchy because it's half-healed."

- ANGEL TRIP: I had been wondering how JIN throws his towel that high in this song. As I kept looking at him, he got towel rolled up in advance and got all ready before throwing.

- HUNTING: Ju-ken sang at HYDE's mic while HYDE went on the 2nd floor. It was a little low for Ju-ken, he had to keep crouching while chorus. Icon_blaugh K.A.Z threw bottles and picks from the stage while audience looked back HYDE on balcony. K.A.Z mistook in playing once and gestured at staff he did it because of ear monitor.

- REVOLUTION: K.A.Z put the guitar on his shoulder to cheer us up, then he tried to put it back. But the guitar strap got messed up, the guitar went upside down. Poor K.A.Z. He was upset but SOOOOO CUTE. Icon_xd

- DOLLY: HYDE flipped his shirt suddenly. Icon_eek OMG I couldn't help gazing at him...

- MEMORIES: Ju-ken and Arly talked something each other while they were playing. They were about to break the song's mood. Icon_lol

- In the end of the show, Secret Live on SEP 17th was announced. I went outside to wait for members coming out after the show. A staff recorded fans outside. He asked me "HYDE wants me to ask fans where you think will be the venue of 17th secret show. What do you think?" OMG I was recorded! He also said he would be fired if he let the secret slip. Icon_blaugh

- When HYDE appeared from the venue, he stood up on the stairs to let us see him easily, waved and smiled. K.A.Z walked to us with a big smile. He waved us after he got into a car. Ju-ken and Arly touched our hands. They are so sweet.

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