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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
(09-12-2010, 10:35 AM)Yuiku Wrote:
(09-12-2010, 06:17 AM)mamikochan Wrote: was there a big confusion or concern when Hyde talked about no VAMPS lives in Zepp until 2012? i've seen some fans who have gone into L'Arc panic mode at the possibility of "only one year of L'Arc activity", and as i don't see where he made any conclusive statements, i think it's way premature for that. i was just curious. don't want to start any rumors, just wondering about the fan temperament as that is a good gauge sometimes to the importance of some of his mcs. ^ ^

I saw on twitter some fans go into that "L'Arc 1year panic" too.

To me, the tone he mentioned 2012 sounded nothing more than he was just saying. It wasn't conclusive statement.

I haven't heard any other infomation about schedule of L'Arc, OBLI, and VAMPS in future other than we can find on their official website now. So, yeah, I think it's premature too. We don't need to be upset/angry or whatever since no official info is announced.

I don't know how other Japanese fans think about it. It's just my opinion.

And thanks for your explaining details about flowers and piercing! Your reply explained just what I wanted to say. ^_^
thanks Yuiku. that's what i was thinking too and kinda wanted to head off any major freakouts around here by applying to one who was there to hear directly and so we were not just running on rumor and supposition. Icon_smile

ah, no problem about the flowers and nipples. Icon_blaugh sorry if i popped in too quick.

as for what Hyde said, while we know plans are made well in advance, it isn't needful for us to know everything that might be in the works or still just be a consideration. as Laura points out, we're talking about a "business" and people's careers, just like any one else's. it just seems more cool and glamorous on the outside. the nuts and bolts of the music business are no different than any other business with a commodity to sell. we should think about it before panicking. Icon_cool

also, VAMPkito, your point about 2005-2006 is well taken. and Yukihiro as well as HYDE was active solo during that period. even Tetsuya released a single just before settling down to the work of recording KISS after the L'Anniversary shindiggery was done. overlapping of projects is not new and doesn't mean anything is going to be short-changed.

i think i was seeing more panicked reactions from people who aren't VAMPS fans anyway. it seems there has been a not so subtle under-current of fear that Hyde will just say he's rather do his own thing than "come back into the fold" that is L'Arc. i sincerely doubt that any of the L'Arc boys have intentions of stopping that band for a very long time. it is too close to all of their hearts, i think. but it doesn't mean other projects cannot be accomplished and enjoyed to their fullest at the same time.

another thought always comes to me; it isn't uncommon in the wider world of rock n roll for major bands to "take breaks", "work on other projects" or just take 2-3 years between new albums and tours, especially those with a 10-20 years or much longer longevity. you cannot keep cranking out an album a year for 20 years and not feel the work suffers at some point. L'Arc was smart and started putting in those breaks right after a period of intense productivity. brain cells and inspiration sometimes need a recharge or just a change of scenery. and these days, so many bands that seemingly just called it quits 10 or so years back are saying, hey-maybe we have more to say together after all. to my mind, "never" doesn't exist, so there is always an open possibility of anything happening.

my 5 cents, give or take. and maybe this won't be a recurring theme for the NEXT couple of years like it has been for the past two. wishful thinking? Icon_lol
09-12-2010, 06:22 PM
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