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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
(09-12-2010, 02:31 AM)Linz Wrote: - Gift flowers from TETSUYA, GACKT, Acid Black Cherry, LE-CIEL, and Tegoshi from NEWS (photo by @aghea2010)

Flowers for what? Are there any special events?
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I'm so excited!

- K.A.Z: FAITH AND TRUTH parka. BEAST Tshirt for encore.
He definitely looks cool!

- HYDE took off his nipple pierce. In MC, he said "I took it off because I'm starting feeling it bother. Now I'm ordinary man. It takes a little more time to heal the wound. It was so painful when I got my nipples pierced." A man in the audience yelled. "Pierce me!!" HYDE "Eh? What?" The man "Come into me!" HYDE hesitated a while and nodded. "OK, but I'm going to get broken." Icon_redface
Did he remove them? both of them?

- HYDE's MC was like naughty high school boy's talk. While HYDE was talking, K.A.Z was really cool keeping serious look as usual. I think he heard HYDE's sex talk too often and gets used to it already. Icon_blaugh Meantime, Ju-ken laughed and laughed about HYDE's talk, JIN was smiling, and Arly looked absent-minded.
He seems very happy to talk like that. LOL for others.

- A typhoon was coming on the day. HYDE "Is it still raining outside? I heard the typhoon already disappeared......Well, I'm relieved. It's me who made it disappear for you."
HYDE was a narcissist.

- HUNTING: Ju-ken appeared on the 2nd floor! He had a banana. He bit it and threw it to the arena. It's just!! Icon_eek On the stage K.A.Z indicated Ju-ken and laughed a lot. K.A.Z tried to pour water on the front row, but the song started soon, he was upset and the water went on K.A.Z himself. Icon_xd He wiped quickly and threw the bottle on the stage. K.A.Z sang the part "GO! GO!" where Ju-ken usually sings. His voice was so powerful and awesome! I love it.
Maybe that banana from Tetsuya.Icon_biggrin

- Ju-ken's pick! (photo by @h_666)

- LOVE ADDICT: Ju-ken did impressive ad lib in intro. HYDE stared at him, and then somehow he burst into laughter. Ju-ken smiled with a triumphant look.

- THE PAST: HYDE raised his right hand and moved it like a snake. It was sexy and reminded me L'Arc SEVENTH HEAVEN.
Can I say I really miss LArc?Icon_cry

- PIANO DUET: K.A.Z played with his eyes closed. He put his hands on the mic softly when he sang chorus. It was the moment I fell in love with K.A.Z seriously for the first time in my life.
I wish I could be there!

- SAMSARA: I always look at K.A.Z through the show, but only this song I can't stop staring at Arly beating drums like he has thousand arms. It's really worth looking.

He's a cool drummer!
various people send the bands flowers on the day of any show. they are usually displayed somewhere leading into or out of the arena as i've seen lots of photos over the years. i think Yuiku was just reporting the interesting assortment maybe. make sense?

about the nipple piercing, Hyde had already stated at the beginning of the tour that he had to remove both to have an MRI done and was only able to put the right one back. he showed the crowd, it's in one of Yuiku's reports. now he has decided to remove the right one because it bothered him, maybe he likes symmetry as well. i have on good authority that nipple piercings can REALLY hurt, so if he's having irritation now, why bother to re-do the left, just go without. much easier. my son had to get one of his redone and he said it was just as bad 2nd time around. he's had them for 10 years now.

sorry if i am answering out of turn.

(09-12-2010, 05:39 AM)Yuiku Wrote: [ SEP 11th Tokyo ]

Started with SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL, ended with MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION with the green beam. I couldn't see the stage well but the show was so much fun and it was just what I wanted.

HYDE was in black long sleeve shirt and took it off at KYUKETSU in an encore. He had something white around his arms (looked like bandage). In MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION, shirtless HYDE held his hands above head and wiggled his hip. So sexy.

I couldn't see K.A.Z at all so these are info from K.A.Zists on twitter. K.A.Z went to the 2nd floor in HUNTING. He walked from end to end of the 2nd floor throwing picks and watering to the arena. Before DEVIL SIDE he whirled his finger at fans and muttered something like "Spin around!" When MIDNIGHT started he took his stole off and threw it toward wing of the stage, but the stole fell on a candlestick near him and wrapped around it. He tossed the guitar more than usual. Ju-ken kissed K.A.Z on the cheek and K.A.Z was with a bitter smile. K.A.Z was wearing loose fitting shirt so you could see him bare shoulder which is a point many Japanese fangirls think lovely recently.

HYDE's MC I remember in patches was like,

"Come on! Follow your instinct!"

"K.A.Z's sexy guitar!!" (then LOVE ADDICT intro started.)

"VAMPS fans are very energetic. I know it from your attitude. I like the way you show us your love by attitude."

"Are you frustrated? Let everything out today!"

"If we have concerts at Zepp next time, it won't be earlier than 2012. We are going on this tour after tonight! We are going to travel around the world, then will be back here just like salmon spawning! Then we have to be fecundated each other? Let's break down Yoyogi when we will be back! But before it, let's break down Zepp! Well, we are gonna be in trouble if Zepp will really disappear... Where do we have shows then?"
Someone shouted "Yokohama!" HYDE smiled.
"Even if we will have shows in arena, we don't stop performing in small clubs as well. Why? It's because.......I can feel my **** reaches your innermost place. I feel directly my soul reaches the end of the venue. Just over there."
HYDE indicated the farthest audience.


HYDE said "See you tomorrow" after MIDNIGHT, then members gone.


I just found cute illustrations of HYDE in MIDNIGHT and KYUKETSU on other fan blog.

The 1st pic is MIDNIGHT sexy dance. Icon_xd

Another pic is KYUKETSU. HYDE tried to take his shirt off but something stucked. He gave it up and sang with the shirt at his right hand for 1 chorus. hahaha I didn't know it. So cute.

i loved that illustration. he is so cute with his wiggles. wonder if he had some work done on the tattoos with those bandages? getting his hand stuck like a kid.Icon_blaugh

the balcony trips have become standard it would seem. wow, this last fews shows has gone so fast!!Icon_eek

was there a big confusion or concern when Hyde talked about no VAMPS lives in Zepp until 2012? i've seen some fans who have gone into L'Arc panic mode at the possibility of "only one year of L'Arc activity", and as i don't see where he made any conclusive statements, i think it's way premature for that. i was just curious. don't want to start any rumors, just wondering about the fan temperament as that is a good gauge sometimes to the importance of some of his mcs. ^ ^

thanks Yuiku!
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