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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
[ AUG 19th Fukuoka ]

- I saw Ju-ken playing baseball with staffs before the show.

- HYDE: Black vest with hood, python gray tank top, denim. He put hood on when he appeared on the stage.

- K.A.Z: BEAST Tshirt which is present from HYDE in Nagoya.

- Today's show was almost K.A.Z's show!!! Icon_xd K.A.Z appeared on the 2nd floor in HUNTING which was the first song of encore!! Icon_heartIcon_heartIcon_heart He was licking a candy. He gave it to a fan!!! Envy!! K.A.Z touched fans on the 2nd floor, waved to the audience on arena, smiled and stuck his tongue out at HYDE on the stage, put his elbows on a fence, held his flying V guitar upside down and put arms on V, threw many picks from his pocket...... Oh K.A.Z was AWESOME!!!

- Everyone in arena looked back at K.A.Z on the 2nd floor while HUNTING. They wouldn't notice even HYDE was just a few meters away back. Icon_blaugh

- HYDE yelled "Who is the craziest one!! .......There you are." He pointed at K.A.Z. Icon_xd HYDE stared at K.A.Z when he sang the first "Where's my lamb?" HYDE smiled like a kid at K.A.Z. He moved left to right on the stage as K.A.Z moved on the 2nd floor. It was like he wants to be always face to face with him. Icon_blaugh

- There was a big concert of SMAP next to Zepp Fukuoka on the same day. K.A.Z had paper fans of Masahiro Nakai and Takuya Kimura who both are SMAP members. It seemed a staff went to buy mercs before the show.

- K.A.Z MC (with those SMAP fans,) "What's the date today? ....19th? It's Ju-ken day." (19 = Ju-ku in Japanese) "Today SMAP is perfoming next to here. Do you know VAMPS is just one letter away from SMAP? Is anybody who was supposed to go to SMAP? Please enjoy our show even you weren't going to come here!" While MC, K.A.Z handed Kimura's paper fan to HYDE. HYDE took it, stared at Kimura's face on it just like it was the first time to see an idol paper fan.

- K.A.Z MC (in the Fukuoka dialect) "Are you enjoying---? We drunk last night. I learned Hakata (=Fukuoka) dialect." The way he speaks dialect was super cute. Audience shouted "Speak more!!" But K.A.Z smiled "No no I have nothing to tell you anymore~~~."

- Then they started LOVE ADDICT intro WITH SMAP PAPER FANS!!!!!! Icon_blaugh HYDE Kimura and K.A.Z Nakai. They used the fans as guitar picks. K.A.Z played very well even paper fan pick.

- When K.A.Z threw a water bottle, a bottle cap was left on the stage. Fans in the front row shouted to K.A.Z "Give us! Give us!" But He just grinned and put the cap out of reach of the girls. Icon_xd What a sadistic.... Icon_xd

- HYDE MC "I feel summer is gone after we finish Fukuoka. Well...I had a great summer. Too many delicious things indeed. All of us say, we are angry with it. 'Why is everything here delicious like this?! We can't stop!!' I love Fukuoka! We will come again!!"

- LIVE WIRE: HYDE "Ah......hah.....ahh......Tonight is the last in Fukuoka....let everything out!!"

- Ju-ken bit rose petals on HYDE's mic. He had a sour face. Maybe he bit a jaggy calyx? Hope his mouth is OK.

- SAMSARA: Arly spinned sticks. Very cool!
(08-20-2010, 12:15 PM)Linz Wrote: The band went to beach yesterday. HYDE said "I never thought I am a loser with women on a beach like that. Every girls kept away from me... maybe because it's Obon..."
Can you explain this to me?Icon_confused

Obon is Japanese traditional cutoms around mid-August. People visit the family grave. But in this MC, HYDE mentioned Obon with no particular reason. Someone called "Because it's Obon!" after he said girls on the beach kept him away. HYDE listened to it, then just repeated it as if Obon is a very good reason why he was a loser on the beach. Icon_biggrin
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