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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
(08-17-2010, 11:20 AM)Yuiku Wrote:
(08-14-2010, 06:08 AM)Linz Wrote: - HYDE threw a white bra.
Icon_eh2 Where did he get it? I'm curious..

- K.A.Z MC: "Good evening. I know you are enjoying this mysterious mood after MY FIRST LAST, but I have to tell you something. Look at this!" He took the guitar off, showed us his Tshirt which has big letters 'BEAST' on it. "This is a present from HYDE. HYDE went shopping the other day. He bought this for me. My favorite. I like 80's fashion just like this. I like loose-fitting too.....Thank you HYDE." HYDE added. "I bought it at PARCO. Shop staff asked me whether I chose that Tshirt because of album title." K.A.Z said "Don't buy same one."
Wow!!! Kaz was so lucky.
HYDE remembered him when he was shopping!
Do you have the pic Yuiku?
What kind of tshirt?

I heard venue staffs buy a bra for HYDE before the show. poor staff. Icon_xd
I'm afraid no pic of K.A.Z's Tshirt... All I know is BEAST letters on it. Hope some pic on magazines or anywhere!

(08-15-2010, 12:58 AM)tekkichan Wrote:
(08-14-2010, 05:10 AM)Yuiku Wrote: [ AUG 12th Nagoya ]

- HYDE threw a white bra.
is it the same bra he had in his head on the previous live?Icon_biggrin i think he gave up after trying several times to wear it normally .. well haido sama let the girls had that bra

I like the idea LOLLLL Icon_blaugh It's not the same one I think, bc he always throws it at each show. but...HYDE trying funny...Icon_xd


[ AUG 15th Fukuoka ]

- Present for the band! (photo by @ray_07)

- K.A.Z: White loose fitting Tshirt. It went down bit by bit as the show went on. We could see his right shoulder K.A.Z... Icon_redface

- HYDE: Black tight long sleeve, leopard pants, hip bag

- Members were all in a good mood. Because they are going to eat carb in Fukuoka? Icon_blaugh

- K.A.Z's smile priceless.... Icon_heart He poured water with dreamy eyes and angelic smile.

- Jin, Ju-ken and Arly had trim body. Now they are much more cool than last year.

- Someone fainted near Ju-ken. He looked that and said "Are you all right? ...No? ...OK, rescue her!! I'm going go to talk for a while... I don't like to say superficial thing, but I'll tell you. I really feel good now!! We are trying not to eat carb. But Fukuoka has many delicious food.... oh, I feel hungry... Are you too bro?" Ju-ken looked back at HYDE and K.A.Z killing time on a sofa. HYDE just ignored Ju-ken. Icon_blaugh Ju-ken asked K.A.Z again, but K.A.Z shook his head. Ju-ken didn't give up. "Arly! Are you hungry, I believe?" Arly also shook his head. Then HYDE said "Hey I couldn't hear you at all because of ear monitor. Repeat that again?" Ju-ken "From where?" HYDE "From diet story. By the way don't you feel hungry as you talk about food?" Ju-ken shouted "THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!!" Poor funny Ju-ken... Icon_blaugh

- HYDE MC: "Fukuoka....a lot of delicious food. Ramen, Kaedama...and so on. We have been away from carb just for this day." (Kaedama = having another bowl of ramen noodle) Oh then are they going to have carb a little from now on?

- Arly's bass drum has BEAST jacket print! Cool!

- After the show they waved us and got in a car. We sent them off, the car started to move, went through a gate, then we dashed to main street quickly because then we can see the car again. It was fuuny that everyone ran like athletes! Icon_lol
Kazu's shirt was HUGE on him! It drowned him BEAST is written in it in big black letters on white shirt. The shirt was HUGE, looks more like something he'd wear to bed than on stage lol. I'd say the shirt went almost to his knees. The sleeves went past his elbow was like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL on him lol.

Thanks Yuiku for the reports always :3

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