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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
(08-13-2010, 01:00 AM)VAMPkito Wrote: Oh, no. I wasn't correcting the setlist information. I was saying that's how I would have preferred it. Sorry for the confusion =P

Oh I mistook... Icon_sweatdrop sorry about it. thanks again anyway! :3

(08-13-2010, 06:05 AM)derMauersegler Wrote: By the way, now I am really curious, when Vamps throw something in the audience, water bottles, picks and whatever - how much do people in the audience in Japan fight for it, for example, if two or more people get hold of a thing at the same time? I am asking because I have the impression that they are more... "civilized" than us Europeans Icon_lol (at least that's my impression after the Gackt Europe concerts where people were really fighting battles over things thrown in the audience Icon_lol). And how was it at the Vamps US concerts in the past? Did people get rude?

During this tour I read tweets sevral times about how people solved that problem. Most of them are "rock-paper-scissors" to decide who can get the thing. On the ohter hand, some people really fight for it. One time I read that Ju-ken threw his mask or something then girls started fighting so he took it back. In other case there was a tall man in the battle. Of course he won and got the thing. Fortunately I haven't heard of anyone injured. Hope no one until the end of the tour.


[ AUG 9th Nagoya ]

I didn't check twitter this day. All I heard is;

- Ju-ken dived!!! (maybe shirtless)

- HYDE wants to go to daytime Cabakura. (=bar with girls) He knew Nagoya's cabakura opens daytime. But hearing fans' booing, HYDE was upset and made an excuse. "You know, cabakura is not sex-related place. OK? You have to make some great summer memories..... well, I'm turning my story in the right direction... Next song MEMORIES." Icon_xd

- HUNTING: K.A.Z and Ju-ken singing at same mic. They didn't know which of them should use it. They gave the mic each other and laughed. Very cute!


[ AUG 11th Nagoya ]

- They came to the venue by bicycle again! They ran slowly so that everybody can touch their hands. Some fans pulled HYDE. He looked back and told them not to in a serious tone because it made his bicycle stagger a little. But most of the time HYDE and other members were all smiling in a good mood. Looking at Arly's face at close range, I realized how small his face is and how he's cool. Icon_biggrin

- The first row was in chaos... Many fainted.

- The first song was SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL. Members appeared one by one. HYDE was black leather tight clothes like Edward Scissorhands. K.A.Z was in white FAITH AND TRUTH parka. For encore, white Tshirt and a scarf around his waist.

- HYDE MC: "What do you want? Tell me!.... What?.... Tell me you want my dick!" Icon_blaughIcon_blaughIcon_blaugh

- "This year's last summer......ha?...this year's last summer?......What are YOU talking about?!" HYDE was confused by his own words and shifted the blame onto us. Icon_xd

- DEEP RED: HYDE ripped out rose petals of mic and scattered them. Beautiful.

- MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION: K.A.Z spinned the guitar at least 8 times!!! Crazy!! He's so cool. Basically he looked down while he played through the show, but when he looked up, his face was a dreamy look. I love the moment.

- Jin MC: "Welcome to Sabbath theatre where you become the BEASTS. Question. It's ground level outside. But this floor is in the 2nd basement. No stairway to here. Why? If you don't believe me, go outside and have a look!" (I'm not really sure about the answer. Zepp Nagoya is built in a tricky way.)

- Ju-ken threw candies.....I don't know why... Icon_biggrin He was wearing bandana in encore. Looked like ramen shop staff.

- Ju-ken and Arly hugged each other.... or maybe Arly was exhausted and staggered about, Ju caught him in his arms. Then they laughed. K.A.Z watched them with a smile.

- After the show, K.A.Z got in a taxi. The taxi stopped at a traffic light, we waved and waved and waved but no waving back. We started to think what if that taxi wasn't K.A.Z's. Then the traffic light turned blue, suddenly he opened the window and waved back. Everyone was like "Oh my....he is so shyIcon_heart"
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