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VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
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RE: VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST Japan show review
I went to AUG 1st Fujikyu. This is what I remember.


17:30 HYDE and K.A.Z appeared by a red sports car just like ANGEL TRIP MV. Clothes are also like ANGEL TRIP. HYDE was wearing white fluttery clothes, white bandana, sun glasses. He took sun glasses off at first MC.

The first song was LOVE ADDICT. The rest is, not in order,

< acoustic >
< other >
< last song >

Arly had drums solo before acoustic part.


HYDE first MC was like,

"It's August.....I'm happy to spend August 1st with you. It's summer and I'm thirsty. I wanna drink your crazy blood!"

HYDE poured water on the audience with a silver hose in the beginning of the show. I was soaked. He smiled a lot while watering.

I saw HYDE kicked Ju-ken. Ju-ken laughed and ran away happily. He came down and played the bass in front of audience. I touched his arm when he ran through in front of me. yatta-!

The weather wasn't good. Since 4 or 5th song, it rained heavily. The rain sometimes stopped, but lasted until the very end of the show. I was worried that they would stop their performance. Soaking in the rain? doesn't matter. The time with VAMPS is irreplaceable.

HYDE also worried us.

"Are you all right? I told God to stop this rain a little while ago. So you are gonna be OK. Anyway you will get wet with sweat or whatever. Icon_biggrin Today's show is gonna be a legend. You are still cute even you are soaked!"


They changed clothes for acoustic part. They all in Yukata!!! I really love Japanese traditional clothes so it made me crazy. HYDE looked up the sky and talked us.

"....Not good... I want you to relax from now. I know it is not the best weather to feel comfortable though. VAMPS members are supposed to be 'sunshine bringer', but we aren't humble so God doesn't like us."

"See this Yukata? Cute? Designed by Kuniyoshi Kaneko. I'm not very good at handling Yukata, you know, it easily come undone. But he taught me fixing it is what makes you look sexy."

Then fans shouted "Do it!" HYDE smiled and flipped the end of his Yukata a little bit. Deadly cute....Icon_xd

Acoustic part, especially EVANESCENT, was super super amazing. It still rained, but SAMSARA made the rain a mysterious stage set. The sound of rain and HYDE's strong voice reminded me ancient people would pray in the rain like this.

After MY FIRST LAST was interval. Short video of K.A.Z was screened. It was filmed when he went to haunted house in Fujikyu Highland with Ju-ken and staffs. K.A.Z opened the door, a tiny light in his hand, walked in, up stairways, found a ghost in front of him. He was about to walk toward it when another white ghost surprised him from the side. The white ghost was....HYDE. Icon_xd K.A.Z was shocked, then laughed, and said "They told me HYDE won't come!" HYDE wore a mask on which "HYDOKKIRI (= HYDE surprise)" is written. HYDE grinned and whispered to camera "I did it!!"


Changed clothes again. HYDE was shirtless. I say this time, really SHIRTLESS!! Icon_xd K.A.Z was gray FAITH AND TRUTH parka. I wonder how many of them he has. Icon_biggrin

In this part, especially KYUKETSU was awesome. The moment HYDE grabbed mic and jumped on the mounting. That's when I realised again this band is really really cool.

K.A.Z had MC. He mentioned the video of haunted house.

"I'm not scared of ghost. But they are scared and asked me to go with, so I went there for them."

And about rain,

"You don't need to take a shower when you go home. Icon_blaugh Why didn't you bring shampoo & treatment? Next time bring them and wash your hair!!"

K.A.Z was very cool when he plays, but terribly cute when he speaks.

HYDE praised audience again and again, like "I like you enjoying our show in each ways. You are awesome!!" In the beginning of the show when rain began, HYDE was more worrying tone. But by this time he looked impressed by fan's power.

Last MC was HYDE.

"Today is the last in Fujikyu. I wish we had more outside show. How about long-stay outside concerts next time? Camping in venue?"

"I don't believe ghost. But now I feel when we die, we are going to be united as one in the universe. We are still alive and have body, so we can't understand it now, but in future we die and lose body, then we will be one. Then no difference HYDE or K.A.Z. Icon_biggrin ......Last song, let's sing along together."

UNEXPECTED was touching.

After the song, Ju-ken and K.A.Z threw picks, HYDE threw kisses. And ended with beautiful fireworks in the sky.

Thank VAMPS for not cancelling the show due to bad weather. Thank staffs working in the terrible rain. And thank audience for enjoying in the rain and showing the band how we love VAMPS.

And thank you always for reading my long report. Icon_3nodding
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