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Room share found ~thank you!~
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Room share found ~thank you!~
I'm in desperate need of a room to share, for the L.A. signing and concert. I've found transportation there, but don't know where I'm staying like, tonight (and Saturday night)!!

Please help me out! I did street team promotion in Seattle, joined by mikaelaysabelle07, and met some great new friends, during the hours in line, at Seattle and Portland shows. I'm in touch with some some of those people now. I hope they'd all say I'm a decent person to hang out with. But no one I know is able to get to L.A..

I can help with a little money, for room share - maybe a third or fourth of the cost, I'm not sure the rates.

Please get in touch with me right away, if you can let me share!

I can't be awake all night and all day, and still be alive for VAMPS - Help! Thanks

(Sorry for SPAMming the board!)
I am the Desire...
The need for fresh .blOod VAMPS is strong in me.
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