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Update! ~ L.A. room share needed!
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Apr 2009


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Update! ~ L.A. room share needed!
Wow! A very sweet friend has offered to share his frequent flyer miles with me, and I can come to L.A.! It is a miracle!

But now I need to find a place to stay, like immediately! Is anyone willing to share their room with one more person - even floor space, if necessary. I can't afford a lot, but I will, of course, share room expenses.

Please let me know, right away!

What I said in my first post:
See my impassioned plea! You know how sublime it was to see VAMPS in Seattle, and I know many are tempted to get down for another live. As you read my report on the Seattle show, you see why I'm trying to get to one more concert, even one more signing!

Help me get to L.A. and back!

I’m making this last minute appeal for help! I’ve been trying to figure out some way to get down to the L.A. show – and signing – since I realized, after Seattle and Portland, that I couldn’t let the opportunity pass, to see them again, if I could help it. The leads I've had haven't panned out, yet.

I’m on a shoestring budget. Let me ride down with you, and if we pool expenses – two of us, or maybe we can find a third – then you can see VAMPS again, too! You know you want to, because everyone who thought they’d be satisfied with the Pacific NW shows, found they only longed for another live!

Or if someone has a some cheap, cheap deal on a round trip flight? And if someone can let me share some place to crash for the couple of nights, before and after?

I believe in miracles. I’m putting it out there.

If I can get down to the L.A. signing, maybe I could get introduced to the band. A couple of us were supposed to have been in Seattle, but we couldn’t connect with Ai, in Seattle or Portland. Help give me luck!

(Posting in a couple of places on the board.)
I am the Desire...
The need for fresh .blOod VAMPS is strong in me.
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07-30-2009, 05:28 AM
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RE: Help get me - or possibly you and me - to L.A.!
*sigh* I really wish I could go. We seriously thought about getting on a plane and going to the SF show last weekend, and then just hanging out all night, skipping the hotel, and flying back as early as possible and taking a nap at home.
But for two of us and the plane/concert tickets, it would have been like $700... and even so, we still almost went! LOL

The Seattle and Portland shows were a couple of the best days of my life... I wish I could just relive them over and over and over again!!
07-30-2009, 09:08 PM
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