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Concert Preparation
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RE: Concert Preparation
(07-19-2009, 04:18 PM)Guest Wrote: The concerts generally last just under two hours, but expect to be there longer, since many places open the doors an hour early.

I would recommend bringing only an ID and some money (and I guess a car key and cell phone) if necessary-- stuff that you can keep in your pockets and wear pockets where the stuff won't spill out. That way, you can avoid the time it takes to check anything in and get a better spot.

Aim for the front row or the sides. K.A.Z. is on the right (facing the stage), Ju-Ken on the left and Hyde in the middle although they move about a lot. Don't forget to eat a few hours before the concert! Drink plenty of water that day and I saw a lot of people in NYC drinking gatorade or other electrolye waters right before going in. It seems to help. You will probably want water as soon as the concert ends!

Talk to the people around you before the concert starts. I've had a few people tell me that they were scared of not seeing anything or getting crushed because they were short. People are less likely to crush you if you've chatted with them a bit first I think. I've even made long-lasting friendships while waiting for concerts to start! If it gets too wild, head to either the side and then the back or straight to the back, whichever is closer. A lot of people left the pit during VAMPS-NYC, but were able to enjoy the concert from the back of the room. It's better than being crushed or fainting from heat exhaustion!

Hope you have fun!

Thanx for the advice! n_n
07-19-2009, 06:43 PM

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