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(05-29-2009, 09:33 PM)celeste_ Wrote: My temp/placement/contract agency SUCKS.
Most of them do, to be honest. If it's the kind of thing where they just find you a job, they get paid, and then you're done with them then it might be different, but most of the time you work for that agency directly for the duration of your job.

I work at a mega-corporation, and have for the last 4.5 years (in 1.5 year intervals, where I take 3 months off in between) but I'm *employed* by my agency. The megacorp pays significantly more money for me than I actually make, which goes to the agency's pockets. I also have no benefits whatsoever and cannot take part in anything that could be considered a benefit for the Mega-corp employees (parties, meetings, free swag). And I can be let go at any time, for any reason. My agency also changes the rules about things like holiday pay and vacation pay and then doesn't tell us because they legally don't have to! There are often holidays that we are forced to take, but can not get paid for because of how messed up their rules are.

In conclusion - temp/placement/contract agencies generally blow, but it's better than having no job at all. :)


True, very true. Considering we should be making how much with a degree? Yeah...I can't really complain though, because all of my work has been coming from them. Out of all the 5000000000 jobs I applied for, I got a call back from maybe 2? It really sucks, but like you say, it's better than having no job at all. ;)
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RE: Facebook Advertising
I'm afraid I'll be in the same predicament. Being in Michigan with the highest unemployment rate too. I started out at a community college and earned two associates. One in Gen. Education and one in Liberal Arts: Humanities. Now I'm at a private Catholic university, Madonna University, for my teaching certificate. And when I graduate from there I'll have a B.A. in Family and Consumer Science, two minors in Speech and Political Science, and a teaching certificate and a vocational certificate AND I'll be nearly 50k in debt. I'm just hoping I get a teaching job quick cause I have to start making payments on my students loans 6 months after graduating. Thankfully tho, when I graduate my dad will give me 20k as a graduation gift to pay off some debt. Actually, he took 10k now and is playing the stocks (he's very good at that) and if he makes over 20k by the time I graduate; then he'll just put all of it towards my loan. So I'm praying the stocks he's investing in shoot up. They should since it's oil ^^;
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