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Room share and Get-togethers for Sunset Strip House of Blues show?
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Room share and Get-togethers for Sunset Strip House of Blues show?
Room sharing:
Is anyone interested in room sharing for the Sunset Strip House of Blues show? Anyone know someone nice who's looking to share space and expenses?

Before I book a room, I'm checking to see if anyone who's already booked is interested in finding someone to share that. Otherwise, I'll be booking one right away and seeing if someone wants to share.

Either way, send me a PM quick, if you're interested.

I'm known to other fans here, from past tours.


Also, I hope we fans can get together while we're in the same place, to hang out before and/or after the show. Maybe we should start a separate thread for that.

And if any of you who live in the Los Angeles area want to get together as a group for an extra day, while us out-of-town fans are in town, before and/or after the concert, say something quick, for the sake of flight plans!
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