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NY Performance
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Went to the Avalon in L.A. One of the top 5 best moments of my life!!
RE: NY Performance
(10-19-2011, 03:27 AM)Mme. H Wrote: The "Theater at Madison Square Garden," is a venue of Madison Square Garden's, located either right next to it or inside the same complex (not clear to me which, yet). It's not the same as The Madison Square Garden venue.

The Theater at Madison Square Garden has a capacity of up to 5,600. It's seated, but it seems to me I glanced upon something on their website mentioning a general admission area with no seats, so maybe they can convert it. (The Paramount Theater in Seattle has that ability.)

I'm really glad they won't be in a stadium-sized place. I want to be close ♥ and intimate venues rule, so even 5,600 is more than I'd wish for, ideally.

Edited to add I'd wish for multiple shows in intimate venues, so everyone can get a ticket.

Well, and then I'd feel bad for wearing the boys out and keeping them from home too long D;

(10-18-2011, 11:22 PM)Tokio Wrote: I really hope I can make it, but I'm currently lacking money (and in school). I've seen Hyde/Vamps but I've never seen L'Arc.

I really want you to come, Tokio!

As for me, please be my travel buddies, you guys! I had fab travel companions for VAMPS 2010, and I loved meeting other fans, including some of you! But I don't know if the folks I travelled to concerts with last year will be available, especially if they keep it on the east coast, and I want to know more than 2 or 3 weeks ahead of time, what my travel arrangements are, for a change of pace :D

I recently took up residence in Western Massachusetts and live only a 3 hour drive from NYC. I wouldn't mind helping a few poor people out with lodging or a ride or whatever might be it weird for me to offer that kind of help on a forum full of relative strangers? .-. I don't know...I just know I'm a huge L'arc fan and I happen to be way lucky that I live so close to NYC now...but if I still lived a gabillion miles away I'd want there to be some option where I could make it for their first world tour. March is still a long time away but just sayin haha My car is a little Toyota Yaris 4 door hatchback and fits 5 including me.

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