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"Seppun" or "Kuchizuke?"
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RE: "Seppun" or "Kuchizuke?"
(01-27-2013, 01:27 AM)VAMPkito Wrote: Okay, this may be a relatively stupid question, but this is something that has always confused me about the opening song on the "Smile" album. Everywhere I go, there seems to be two different names it goes by.

The first is "Kuchizuke," which literally means "Kiss." I guess that would make sense given the hot subject matter of the song. Occasionally, though, I see it listed as "Seppun," which is literally Japanese for... "Seppun" I guess. I don't know.

So I was wondering which one was the more accurate title and can someone clarify why it seems to have two names? Thanks in advance!

I've only see it as seppun, which also means "kiss". Both cdJapan and use "seppun" when listing the song. I don't have my copy handy or I would dig it out and check what is written on it. But I think it is seppun.

So I am not much help at all..........

God I hope we get a tour this year!

So I can't help you with the other title.
01-27-2013, 05:29 PM
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