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BOYZ II MEN, TLC to Cover L’Arc-en-Ciel Songs on First Tribute Album!
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RE: BOYZ II MEN, TLC to Cover L’Arc-en-Ciel Songs on First Tribute Album!
Continued opinions of what I've heard so far!

STAY AWAY (Daniel Pewter)
REALLY. GOOD. COVER. Like Vince Neil's cover of Blurry Eyes, it's very faithful to the original. Just as good, really. I can't say I have a single complaint. Seriously, go check it out.

Snow Drop (Boyz II Men)
Now I'll be honest, this was the one I was most skeptical about. Not being a fan of Boyz II Men, the fact that they would over-emphasize their cover over Vince Neil's or Eric Martin's or anyone who actually have a fitting voice to the song in question was a little annoying to me. Also, Snow Drop is one of my favorite songs, so naturally I was like "This is going to blow by default." But much to my shock... and I mean much to my AMAZEMENT, this is actually my favorite track on the album so far. I can see why they hyped it up now. A slower, more mellow version, but probably equally beautiful.

flower (Clémentine)
It's cool to see a French language version of a L'Arc song, isn't it?! That aside, I must say that as a cover it sort of falls flat. There's no trace in the original song in the vocal or instrumental melody. However, if one translation in the comments section is accurate, I respect them for not changing the meaning of the song too much like TLC did with Niji. Actually, though. Lyrically, this song is even sadder than the original! If you forget that it's a L'Arc song, though, it's beautiful. Very calming and pretty. It's not any better or worse than the L'Arc version, just very different.

Shout at the Devil (SID)
Well, I guess we all knew the SID cover would be good. I'll be honest, though, I haven't listened to as much SID as I've intended to. They're on my list of artists and bands I need to get into, but as of yet, I've been unable to do so. With that being said, I love this cover. Very faithful to the original... but I like the original better. Well, so far I like the originals for all of these songs better, but I'm just saying.

In conclusion, the only songs I haven't liked on this album so far remain TOTALFAT's and Zebrahead's rendition of "Driver's High" and "Ready Steady Go" respectively.
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