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VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - kamola - 12-01-2010


OMG!!!! I love this PV!!!!!!!!!!

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - polarwhiteseal - 12-01-2010

OMG!!! SO GOOD!! This made my day!

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - kitty - 12-01-2010

aww T^T what a good pv
thank you for sharing!<3

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - VAMPkito - 12-01-2010

OMGGG SO CUTE~ Perfect use of tour footage to create a story arch. (As opposed to the SWEET DREAMS footage which, while they did try, came off as "Don't want to spend a lot of money to make a PV, so we'll just throw these clips together instead.") It's also really good to see K.A.Z participating just a little bit more than the usual play-guitar-while-HYDE-does-all-the-feeling. The costumes and makeup are perfect. <3 - There's just something about the PV that makes me want to cry, though. I think it's the scene in which, after all those flashbacks to the acoustic performance, they finally meet again on stage and then before you know, it's over and they're reminiscing about it just like they in the beginning. Such a weird yet beautiful feeling. (Although, I think I might have misinterpreted the whole thing @3@)

My only problem with this PV is that HYDE just doesn't show much emotion in it. I mean, especially during the chorus, I was hoping to show some extremely passionate weeps or something. The lip syncing is a bit off too, but nothing unusual for HYDE. Also, K.A.Z playing guitar in front of the graffiti'd building just feels a bit out of place. None of these really diminish the feeling of the PV too much, though.

Overall, I'm satisfied. I can't wait to see the PIANO DUET PV now!

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - Usagi Hoshino - 12-01-2010

Love it ^^! Thanks for sharing~!

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - chibi chibi - 12-01-2010

Such a great PV!! ♥ love it!~

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - vegetapr69 - 12-02-2010

It was lovely!! I got a friend from France and said that he recgonized all the places, so it was mainly recorded in France. And I felt this one more nostalgic than the Sweet Dreams PV, although I cried with that one too. This one has the fair amount of tour footage and both HYDE & KAZ looked ridiculously handsome *___*

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - Guest - 12-03-2010

I'm just glad that the other guys (Ju-Ken, Ari and Jin) get to show more in there too! <3

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - cathb - 12-03-2010

I like this PV also and thought that it was recorded in France from the backgrounds.
My only regret with it is that the audio doesn't match Hyde's lips for most of it. I would imagine that this was done on purpose but it drives me slightly bonkers to have it off like it is.
I really like the very beginning where Hyde stops at the top of the stairs and then glances back over his shoulder to see if you are coming along before he takes off once again. Or maybe he is waiting for his memories to catch up with him.

RE: VAMPS Memories PV !!!! - derMauersegler - 12-03-2010

Thanks for posting the link here Icon_heart ! Awww, I love this PV because it brings back those wonderful Paris memories to me (I think in the last part there's a bit from Barcelona, though, I don't remember any chandeliers in Paris O.o). I wonder what these session takes in between are - Memories acoustic version recordings or something like that? Really makes me curious! Both Hyde and Kazu look really good in the clip, I think the graffiti wall suits Kazu and his guitar-chan pretty fine by the way xD - and Hyde with this hat at the end, yeah, vampshionista! The off lip-syncing, oh well... Vamps is a live band, right? We should be happy they don't lip-sync live (we would notice xD!!!). Heee, I even discovered a line buddy in the clip, that's so cool, I immediately sent the link to her. Can't spot myself, though. Maybe better xD.