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Ju-Ken question - shyguy8413 - 10-19-2010

Hi there! Wasn't really sure where to post this, but here goes! I'm looking to join up with a VAMPS cosplay and am looking to recreate Ju-Ken from Roseland Ballroom, NYC, does anyone have any leads on his top hat with the V? The whole cosplay would be shot if I messed it up...

RE: Ju-Ken question - Mme. H - 10-23-2010

I don't know who designed Ju-Ken's hat or whether you can find a popular knock-off of it - sometimes you can, with celebrity fashion. I wonder if Ju-Ken ever talked about his hat, on his blog - experts?

But I notice that if you go on ebay, and enter "top hat" as your search terms, you get 333 results. (Maybe if you look for something hyde wears, you'll get 666.) That would help you compare Ju-Ken's hat against many top hats, to match his more exactly.

If you're getting really serious about detail, you can also go to a hat shop in your city, and have a hat custom blocked. It means that if you get a hat close enough to Ju-Ken's, they can look at a photo and custom shape it, to look more like his. They can't entirely change the shape, but they can tweak it, to the get the right angle of the brim, crease in the crown, etc.

Have you already found the other members of VAMPS, for your cosplay?

RE: Ju-Ken question - shyguy8413 - 10-30-2010

I have! Ju-Ken's just my tied for favorite (Hyde being the other) and I am just enamored with the hat. Good idea on eBay though! I think I may eBay it, and see if my friend and I can't custom do the V patch (looks like a patch anyway, or pin) ourselves and see how we do! That's an awesome, awesome idea on the hat shop, I didn't even think of it, and I happen to actually know of one, I just didn't know they could do that! Thank you!