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L'Arc Ringtones? - VAMPkito - 11-28-2012

I thought someone here had posted some L'Arc/HYDE ringtones here before, but I couldn't find them. I just got a phone and was wanting to add some. Anyone know how I can get them? I'm looking particularly for:

-Killing Me
-Still I'm With You
-Time Goes On
-Hitomi no Jyuunin
-Alone en La Vida
-Blurry Eyes

-Evergreen (original)
-Evergreen (dist.)
-The Other Side
-Sweet Vanilla

-I Gotta Kick Start Now
-Time Goes By
-The Past
-Get Up (English or Japanese ver.)

If anyone can assist me, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks!

RE: L'Arc Ringtones? - cathb - 11-28-2012

If you Google L'Arc en Ciel ringtones, a bunch of sites comes up.

RE: L'Arc Ringtones? - VAMPkito - 11-28-2012

Thanks, I will try that.

RE: L'Arc Ringtones? - vegetapr69 - 11-29-2012

If you got a smartphone, there are couple of apps that can help you with that. In the case of an iphone there's one called Rmaker and it turns mp3 into ringtones. It's my favorite so far. *__*

RE: L'Arc Ringtones? - VAMPkito - 11-30-2012

It's not a smart phone. It's just a basic flip phone. I realized yesterday though that it doesn't have a USB adapter, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get the ringtones on the phone anyway.