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Roll call for Vegas~!~ - oxymoron - 09-22-2010

Okay, so how many vamps addicts here are thinking of/want to go/chasing vamps to yet ANOTHER concert in Vegas? :D Last year's concert at the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino was such a memorable one for those of us who went, some in good ways, some in not so good, but it was still a chance to meet Vamps and see them perform...

And what is everyone's thoughts about the surprise, pseudo-last minute addition of the vegas show?
Icon_biggrin Just wanted to know who all is planning on going to sin city to show off your devil sides...again. ^^

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - kitty - 09-22-2010

i really want to go but
my dad is have a fit cuss
it's such last minuet

so it i dont know if i can go!

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - oxymoron - 09-22-2010

Kitty: Yeah, I was really last minute. DX I knew I was going to be broke coming home...but I'm sure I'll be extra broke. lol

There's a flight from San Francisco that I found that was only like 60-ish one-way to Las Vegas. There's probably others, but that was the one we found...I think it was Virgin America airlines...

...ahaha XD How ironic is that?

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - kitty - 09-23-2010

i really wish they would have told us earlier T^T

and lol i know how u feel
oh thats not to bad 60 but still
pretty expensive for us since
where broke form vamps <_< xD
and lol ikr

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - thalia - 09-23-2010

I'm going! because the Vegas show last year was my favorite :L

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - oxymoron - 09-23-2010

Thalia: Heck yes! :D Last year's vegas show was awesome...That's where I met four really great people that are staying with us this year. ^^ (The crowd was crazy...but it was worth the hairpulling! XD)

Kitty: Yeah, if they had given us a few month's warning, we could have just changed our departure flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas...but we only get to be young once, right? Ah...and you're going to LA and SF, too? Hey, that's two concerts out of four! ^^ That's already twice the Vamps love~~

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - kitty - 09-23-2010

yeah i wish they did to <_<
it be so much easier if they did
and no not SF anymore my dad cant take me T^T

so i might just be going to LA
one T^T

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - Usagi Hoshino - 09-23-2010

I will go to vegas, was able to switch flights and find a cheap one from vegas to d.c. I will end up hating planes but oh well xD

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - oxymoron - 09-23-2010

USAGI!! :D You'll be there too, awesome! Glad you can come, too.

Ahaha, planes are scary...Icon_crying

RE: Roll call for Vegas~!~ - iceybabes - 09-24-2010

Of course I'll be there. I love Vegas and I have to have a good memory from a Vegas Vamps show! Last year was miserable so this year must be fantastic! Icon_heart