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Free to see L'Arc - Hannatakumi - 03-15-2012

No joke, the person I was going to attend the concert with had issues arise that she can't get out of. So that leaves me with an extra ticket to the show.

I'm sick of seeing all the over priced tickets on ebay and people coming on to forums asking for more than the cost of the ticket. I don't want my extra to go to waste so here is my offer.

Meet me sometime before the show on Sunday and I will personally hand over the ticket to someone who couldn't afford a ticket. The only thing I'm looking for out of this is to make someone's dream of seeing Laruku come true.

Free ticket, what more could a person ask for? I'm willing to give anyone who inquires my phone number so they can call and verify this is a true offer.

RE: Free to see L'Arc - chandelierswing - 03-19-2012

This is such a charitable thing of you to do. I already bought me and my dad's MSG ticket, but I would seriously cry if I came across this opportunity. So sweet of you to do this! <3

RE: Free to see L'Arc - Hannatakumi - 03-19-2012

Thank you for the kind words.

If you know of anyone who would like to go let them know about the ticket. I really don't want this ticket to go to waste.

RE: Free to see L'Arc - Guest - 03-23-2012

Hi, can I have the ticket? how should I contact you? Thank you so much!

RE: Free to see L'Arc - Guest - 03-23-2012

Hi Hanna, I just noticed your post on facebook. I myself have already bought the ticket, but one of my friends want to come with me. Do you mind transferring your ticket to me? I can be reached at And we can discuss about details. Thank you!