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Full Version: Mission Accomplished
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It makes me proud to announce this big piece of news for the entire Japanese music community. It's been discovered that deep inside the genre listing of Rock Band 3 lies a category labeled...

Wait for it...



J-Rock finally has its own category in Rock Band 3. For those of you who are living under a rock, you may be wondering what does this entail? Well, it means that Japanese rock music is finally getting mainstream recognition. Rock Band is an extremely popular game and with music piracy becoming easier and easier via the internet, it's become essentially one of the only ways a musician can make money in this kind of economy.

In my ideal world, all Japanese rock would be placed in its appropriate category (rock, pop, metal) as opposed to just J-ROCK, but this really is the next best thing.

*takes a hammer and breaks the glass with red text that reads "Break in case of major breakthrough in the Japanese music scene" thereby unleashing a shower of confetti and balloons*

Thanks to Tainted Reality for the heads up.
it's about time :D xD
Yay! More recognition for our listening pleasures.

There are all kinds of ways to subtly sneak the music in. This is what I've personally been doing....

My local public libary has a fairly large foreign DVD collection and you can make requests for the library to purchase anything in any of their collections. So I requested the DVD Nana. It is constantly checked out and I also recommend it to others when they inquire as to what to watch. One of the librarians viewed it and said he really liked one of the songs and asked me about it. I replied that it was Glamorous Sky and to check out other music by Hyde. Icon_biggrin

I'm going to put in a request for Moon Child and Kagen no tsuki also.
Yes!! Can't wait *O* !!! Thanks for the news!
this is excellent news. means there must be more than the previous edition's sole X Japan track, IV. maybe all of that voting many months ago paid off.

thanks VAMPkito for sharing the news!! Icon_biggrin
I'm so happy!!!!!!!! :D thanks for sharing the news <33333333 I'm quite a gamer so this makes me feel really excited! :D can't wait to have the game in my hands <3
this is great finally.. thanks for sharing the news
Thats pretty awesome. Really.. alot of "normal" people find new music through that game. Soo if J-rock does become more mainstream, maybe japanese artists will recognize the need to play more international concerts! lol
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