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Full Version: Chile live will be recorded
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Hello, I just don't know where to post. I'm gonna make a new thread.

Japanese media posted Shanghai report and they also mentioned that Chile live will be recorded for DVD!

" VAMPSはこの後、神戸と幕張でのVAMPS主宰イベント<HALLOWEEN PARTY 2010>を行なった後、南米チリでワールド・ツアーのファイナルを迎える。このチリ公演の模様は映像収録が予定されており、DVD化が予定されている。 "

(short trans: "VAMPS will have HALLOWEEN PARTY and then go to Chile for the final show of the world tour which will be recorded for DVD.")

It's not an official statement, but I'm just so excited with this!
Hurray Chile!!
Hope you have most VAMPStastic night ever. Icon_cool
OMG! although I hate cameras (or cameras hate me Icon_razz) I would be more than happy if this info is really true! Icon_biggrin
OMG! ;_;!
Wow, it makes sense since it's the last stop of the world tour ^_^! Awesome!
This is so beautiful ~~~<3 I'm gonna be there, watch it live, then watch it over and over again for the rest of my life!!!

i hope we get to see a little of all the other lives to T^T
Eso es emocionante >////<!!! quiero ir ya!
wow!!!! amazingg!!! >w<!!!
just as Koizumi sayed, it would be great to watch it live and then watch it every time you want x3