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Full Version: Vamps Tickets (2) for Sale~!
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Hi lovely Vamps fans! ^^

So I'm brand-spanking new here, & would like to first say "hi!" to everyone! Can't believe how late I am to join the party over here ><"

I'm sorry if this post annoys anyone (or is against a rule I might have missed?), but since tickets for the fanfrickintastic last-minute show in my hometown of Vegas (yea! ♪) were announced today, my husband & I are selling our tickets for the AVALON HOLLYWOOD concert on Friday, Oct 1 in LOS ANGELES, California, so that we can instead attend the show in our hometownヾ(^∇^)

If anyone doesn't have tickets yet & is looking to get some, please visit StubHub! here to buy mine. Feel free to reply/message me if you have any questions!

Thanks so much & nice to meet you all! ★彡