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Full Version: 2 free tickets to SF live
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Hi there !
With all the pain in my heart I wont be able to attend the San Francisco live i was hoping to go. I didn't get permission at my job, and if I skip I can be fired =( . I live in Mexico, so I'd would have to skip it at least 3 days)...........(sobbing and crying all night) I already bought 2 tickets and I dont want to waste them, so if anybody want them I will give them to him/her happily. I will be in spirit with you =). And all I ask in return is a full, with all the small details, report.

I'll take one or both of the tickets so that my friend can go with me =^.^=

Can u send me a pm so i can get further info pls?

i pmed u early about 1 ticket :D
Tickets are already gone.....
That was really nice of you ^^!