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Full Version: VAMPS @Kobe Collection 2010 fashion show!
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8/30 Kobe Collection fashion show!

Look at HYDE's hair !!!

[Image: 297b5l.jpg]

from Kobe Collection website

2 shots with a Japanese model at backstage!!!

His side hair has been shaved ????

[Image: 51do4l.jpg]

taken from a Japanese model's blog
I see he's still going thru his mid life crisis lol

it doesn't look bad in the second pic! :3
I would say hyde's gorgeous despite that hair. Yikes!

Edited to say, I like the part where it's up and wild - it's the part where it's flat to his skull and looks like his hair is shaved back at the hairline that's - Yikes!
Weeeell, it was a fashion show so I guess this hair was a one-timer... It looks very Visual Kei to me somehow Icon_blaugh . I don't think it's shaved, it only looks like that because the hair was combed back so tight and clipped. Vamps look cool in these fashion clothes by the way Icon_cool.
Oh, HYDE. Your ability to look good in anything never ceases to amaze me. But you know, I doubt he'll keep it, which is good. Fashion shows always have the most idiotic fashions that you'd have to be totally high to wear in public, except the thing is you're not supposed to take the style seriously. A hairstyle that looks completely psychotic probably looks that way for a reason. But still, HYDE looks lovely in it anyway. @3@ - Disappointingly, K.A.Z's hair only looks like it wasn't combed properly.

Their clothes aren't bad but they look too much like what you'd see being born worn in L'Arc. =|
This is a rare moment for Hyde!
I find it adorable even tho the style is way out of his age group.
But I would totally wear tht!!!!!!!
I like their fashion. And the 2nd pic is just toooooo cute~~~* I don't know if his hair is shaved, but maybe it's because it's too blond that we have this impression?? I don't know... Maybe he did shaved part of it... Anyway, he's very cool. The Mohican looks amazing~* And the clothes and make-up too.

BTW, Is the model at the second pic trying to take her heart out?? Icon_eek
(09-02-2010, 03:27 PM)Lady-of-flowers Wrote: [ -> ]...
BTW, Is the model at the second pic trying to take her heart out?? Icon_eek

hyde does have that effect.
I agree... I think it's just pulled back...this Hyde hairstyle is not my cup of tea. Give me Hyde feathered at JITB any day :3
2 close up pix!

[Image: 27yj3t.jpg]

[Image: 1r9j0l.jpg]

from this website
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