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Full Version: the universal language of music, to me.
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I wanted to make this thread, as a more serious thread. Not a bad one. Simply one where people can share their emotional connections to certain songs. Simply put your explanation, your emotion, and your interpretation. Icon_heart

To many of us, most likely all of us, music has captured our emotions and made us excited, depressed, frustrated, content, relaxed, even confused. Not because of the lyrics, but simply the way the music is presented. The way we hear it. The way our emotions relate to every note, every vocal. Even if we don't understand the actual lyrics. It's simply our perspective put into it.

The more I listen to "PIANO DUET", the more I think about frustration. The song begins slow, very sad, even a bit... shy. Like he's trying to avoid confrontation. Chorus starts, the pitch changes. The emotion heightens. More into a "Why can't you hear me out?" sort of way. But it ends with a very soft vocal. Like being shy again. Then the song starts again with a verse, more courageous in the vocals. The chorus starts a second time, only this time, the "shy vocal" changes to a high note. A depressed note. The instrumental makes me think of time passing when you keep quiet for a long time. When you hold emotions in to move on. But you can't. The instrumental stops, and suddenly the chorus BLASTS again this time. Into an emotional WRECK, with vocals scratching miserably, the "shy note" is high again, but it's an infuriated high note. Then at "kedo", the way it's said towards the end, right before "arigatou", is a desperate vocal. In a way, depressed, hopeless. Knowing you can't reach out to anything. Like you're giving up.

Just wanted to tell I read your message and plan to participate in this thread Icon_wink but need more time to make up my mind... I think it will be an interesting thread Icon_3nodding.
(08-16-2010, 05:12 AM)derMauersegler Wrote: [ -> ]Just wanted to tell I read your message and plan to participate in this thread Icon_wink but need more time to make up my mind... I think it will be an interesting thread Icon_3nodding.

mmhmm, i agree. i'm not sure what i want to say or even what i want to talk about. will be back. ^ ^ can't keep me quiet for long on some issues. XD
This is a good idea! I also think that this will be an interesting thread. Icon_3nodding

I agree with what you say about "PIANO DUET." Everytime I listen to it, and after I stop crying, it does make me think about frustration and it does sound like a very hopeless song. When I was translating the song about a week ago, I remember that the song kept saying "I can't reach you in heaven," or "I never knew how much you loved me." I think that maybe when Hyde wrote the lyrics, he was thinking of someone that he really misses. I know that anytime I hear that piano playing in the beginning I get flashbacks from when I was younger. But, that's just me.

The song that was most interesting to me on the BEAST album was "RUMBLE." When I first heard it, I thought it was INCREDIBLY sexy. Hyde's distorted voice, the drums constantly banging in the beginning of the song with the piano made me automatically think of a bar or a strip club. I thought that the first thing Hyde sang was "I'm getting hungry," which made me think, "Oh! Maybe this is like an extension to 'BITE' off of their last album." But then the chorus came. I heard "Just a word and it gets hazy" and I began to think like "okay, hazy=drunk=alcohol=bar! Makes sense!" Then I heard "Long violent night," and the part where they constantly shout "SHOT!" over and over and I was totally confused. Eventually I got frustrated and translated it to find it to be an angry song. After I heard it for a second time, I thought that it basically was about having the right conditions to make you just explode and bite someone's head off. Yet, the more I hear it, the more my thoughts about it changes.

That's all I really have any thoughts on so far. I'll have to come back some other time and think about it some more. Icon_biggrin


I really enjoy 'Get Up'. For me it feels like hyde is telling us to live our dreams. Since he is someone who has done this it feels very honest when he sings it, not like other singers where it comes off cliched. I also really love the yell he does just after the middle part.

The other would be 'The Past'. I really love this song. Makes me think of people in your past, maybe some things you could have done different. Hyde must get very melancholic sometimes when looking back into his past. Remembering his early debut times or even teenage friends. It's almost like he lost someone a long time ago and he wishes to go back into the past and save them. The solo is the best with that background guitar/synth? beat. It sounds like your flying back in time into the past.


This verse wasn't translated too well, but the meaning is still conveyed so it makes sense. Makes me think of Alone en la Vida. That even though the path through life might be sad we have to keep fighting, moving along.

Plus Vamps is still my favorite release of the year so far. I can see the album aging well like the FAITH album.