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Full Version: BRING VAMPS TO THE UK!! (for real!)
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Attn all UK VAMPS fans!

If there's anyone here who wants a VAMPS show in London, now's the time to say it!

As you know VAMPS are scheduled to play in Europe as part of their world tour this October. [/size]


There are many dedicated and passionate VAMPS fans in and around the UK who will be unable to travel to the Paris or Barcelona lives.
The demand for VAMPS is here in the UK.
The venues have also acknowledged this and are eager to host the band.
This much has been confirmed. All we need to do now is show VAMPS how much we want them!

Attack their myspace page and show them just how many ticket sales they will be missing out on if they don't come over.
It's all very well people telling them there's demand, but they need to see it.
It's now or never. Strike while the iron's hot...can I roll out any more cliches?? XDD
This is pretty much the best and only shot we'll have.
So show VAMPS what you're made of.

Spread this request on every forum, livejournal, myspace, twitter and facebook page you know. ^_^v

You can also sign the petition and help bring VAMPS to the UK!