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Full Version: Beast 2nd LP by Vamps what are you thoughts
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Mostly I wanted to get people's opinions on what they're thoughts are so far on the Singles. Feel free to post your opinons about other tracks or how it compares to the first album if you've been fortunate to listen to the whole album.

As for my opinon on the singles release as of yet. Angel Trip is by far my favorite and Devil Side is really good. However as far as Revolution and My First Last aren't my favorites I probably like My First Last more it reminds me of the earlier days of L`arku <3 them sooo much. Revolution is okay but definately not my favorite.

Favorite tracks off the album so far are Devil Side, Angel Trip, Memories, Piano Duet, Get Up, and Samsara. Vamp Addiction has started to grow on me sounds like something Oblivion Dust would do.

I definately like the first album better than this one but it's not to say that this second album is terrible but I definately like the roar of K.A.Z.'s guitar in the first album and there were definately more hard rock tunes on the first album LOVED Cosmos and I hope they play it at the show. But K.A.Z.'s guitar sounds really good on Get Up, Angel Trip, and Memories. I am bias because K.A.Z. is really good as a rythem guitarist and I play rythem guitar because of him however I can't wait to brush up on my solo ablities to try to rival ken kitamura and also be able to play the complex and melodic bass lines of tetsuya. But all three hold a special place in my heart as my favorite musician, and Hyde well what can be said that hasn't already been said about his vocal talents he's got range, pitch, and power.

Can't wait to see Vamps in October both Cali show's be sure to stop by and say hello at the show I love meeting fellow fans of J-pop.
With an honest examination, I think the main thing that disappoints me is that it really has nothing to do with angels and devils like HYDE said months before the album's release. Did he make it up on the spot? Really? To me, the album holds a more consistent theme of living life to the fullest and letting your loved ones know how you feel about them, lest you regret not doing so later. A great message for sure, but was not exactly what I was expecting.

As far as music goes, the only real problem I have is that none of the songs (with the exception of the singles, MY FIRST LAST, and one or two others) really end as much as just stop. This is fine for hard rock songs like VAMP ADDICTION, but for sweet ballads like PIANO DUET, it sort of leaves you with a feeling of missing something.

Other than that, I can't really complain too much unless I see the lyrics and find something I -really- don't like (thus far, I'm not disappointed though). It's a pretty solid album. I can't say I prefer it to the previous album, and on the other hand I can't say I prefer the previous album to this one. There are some songs I like better there, some songs I like better here. Neither of them are really superior over the other.


Devil Side is no where near as good as Love Addict. Luckily when hyde makes these average Pop Songs to help advertise the album(well it has to sell after all) he has these other awesome pieces hidden on the album like Piano Duet and MY FIRST LAST to combat the average mood of (some) singles. Angel Trip I really love too. Maybe Devil Side will grow on me. It's very countdown-ish.

My First Last is probably my favorite VAMPS song. Along with L. Addict, Redrum, Vampire's Depression and Sweet Dreams. I don't know yet if it's better than the first album, it's too soon.

Either way at least he's making music.
hmm... I haven't heard the whole album yet. T T
I don't think I'll really know how I feel about the song's until I've heard them Live anyway.

I know when I heard their first album, there were really only 4 song's that I enjoyed initially, and then listened to repeatedly afterward.. COSMOS, EVANESCENT, REDRUM, and DEEP RED. But AFTER hearing VAMPS LIVE, I listened to the album all the time on my iPod without skipping any songs....only something I used to do when listening to L'Arc and HYDE~
When I heard the song's live, it was like I heard new things in the music I hadn't heard at first...the song's just sounded better, and it probably had something to do with hyde being right there too, like I could feel the emotion's in his voice properly.

Though so far with BEAST the song's I like, I like a lot. Those being REVOLUTION, GET UP, MY FIRST LAST, MEMORIES, and RUMBLE. I'm sure the other song's will grow on me the same way the first album did.

I don't think it's like the song's are bad or anything XD I think it just like hyde said, VAMPS are making music to play live. And I think they're doing a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself~
i dont know, all these tracks are really growing up in me.
There are really good times in the album
Ouch, such a hard question~

Actually I don't think that VAMPS is superior over BEAST, I love both albums, and I have my favourites here and there, so I can't choose ;_; ♥

As for the singles, I l-o-v-e Revolution! ♥ Such a catchy song :D I like listening to it when I'm walking on the street, and I'm all like "left right left right~" xD

Angel trip cheers me up so much :D I also like Devil side, Memories, Get up, Piano Duet [my fav in the whole album], The past and My first last ♥
I liked all VAMPS album, both Beast and Vamps.
Quite difficult to choose which is the best.
But I seem to prefer the Beast album.
Because this album more enjoyable.
The music sounds more cool, especially the lyrics in their songs.
Memories, Piano Duet, and My First Last greatly impressed on my heart.
Although in the first album I really like Evanescense and Sweet Dreams.

I think the kind of music on the Beast album more colorful, especially for HYDE's voice.
in my opinion first album is better than beast, cos i love most of the song in vamps except i gotta kick start now.. if you ask me why ? i dunno just not my fave.
i love rumble, revolution, DS, memories and the past.... i think this 2nd album is more gentle.. not wild or as beast as vamps
i love both albums pretty much. but i think it is too soon to say which i like better. i need to see live performances before i can decide, if only just on a dvd. i had changed my mind on several songs from VAMPS after seeing/hearing them live. this one will be the same.

as for which songs i favor most atm, Memories, Get Up, The Past, My First Last and Rumble. i don't dislike any of them and i'm still basically shuffling all of them with some fav 1st album, other solo, L'Arc and i just added Yukihiro's album to the mix yesterday. or more in a vamps vs android thing. it's amazingly a good mix for me.
I like them both but for different reasons...and it's very difficult to articulate. On VAMPS you have these great hard tracks that I adore, but then on BEAST you've got Revolution which I've come to regard as one of the best things Hyde has ever done (and while I adore everything Hyde does I haven't been able to say that about a song of his since the English version of Angel's Tale). I adore Piano Duet. Last night on my way home I was singing it in the car and I got so into it that I started feeling the emotion of the words and began crying. It's so rare to find music that does that for you (Ayumi Hamasaki's Memorial Address is the only other song that I do that with) but that's what music is SUPPOSED to do! You're supposed to be deeply moved to whatever emotion the music is trying to inspire. Hyde is a master at this with his lyrics.

LOL that really wasn't a comparison of BEAST vs VAMPS so much as my artistic love confession to Hyde but you can see I'm going to have a difficult time choosing. For now I'm listening to BEAST more just because it's new and new excites me. I especially love listening to it on the days where I pass medicine at work because it puts me in a good mood and I get my work done faster it seems. I only put one earphone in because I don't want the patients to think I'm rude and don't want to listen to them haha.

I can't wait til my album comes tho...I am going to hang up my poster the second I get it and post a pic of it on the forum :3
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