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not my fave song.. but still i love to watch it
Oooh, thank you for posting!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song from the bottom of my heart. That's why somehow I expected a bit more from the PV Icon_wink . It fits the song alright, but the movie I have in my head when I listen to the song is much more... eee... diversified (don't know if that's the proper English word? I mean I see much more different pictures in my head than you can see in the PV). The PV follows the line "My soul is now one with the universe" I guess, so we see the sun, the moon, the sky, the stars, the sea, fire (representing the universe) along with Hyde's face... okay, okay, but... after Revolution I expected the PV to be a bit more on the psychedelic side as well - with the Indian sound and all Icon_lol . It could have been more arty or abstract for my taste.
Thanks for sharing. I like this song a lot but there is something about his voice in here.......don't know how to explain it.....that to me is less than Hyde-like. I think the effects fit the song nicely.
i love to watch hyde's expression here but i must say the chicken works better on me than this beach boys XDD
This song is my least favorite in the album. Sorry. I just don't like hyde's way of singing in this song. Sounds like PERFECT MOMENT from FAITH and like that one, I easily got turned off.
DEAR LORD I am so damn busy I didn't see this on so far until now >< Nooooes, I'm gonna watch it now 8B
Hmm it does leave lots up to the imagination.... but the ending of the pv was pretty. i think i can get used to this song. after a while i was just swallowed up by the song when i was watching it.

VAMPS + American Street Team +

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. ;)
They were able to show that, the most perfect things in life, are so simple... nature!

Really one of my favorite videos so far.

And it reminded me a bit of Cape of Storms, another one I deeply love (Kagen no Tsuki LOVER here o/)
It seems that HYDE's doing a lot of MOON CHILD things lately. The PV most reminds me of the scene in which HYDE's... um... that one vampire person. The one that commits suicide by the sun. It reminds me of when he did that!

But yet, the PV has a surreal beauty to it that is hard to explain. The scenery is beautiful, the costume and makeup are pretty great, and HYDE is beautiful as always. (I can't say the same about K.A.Z, considering we BARELY see his face throughout the whole vid @3@) - It feels strangely relaxing.

I do have some disappointment to express, though. Like others, I was expecting something much more surreal and powerful. It doesn't really help too much that you can't even see what HYDE and K.A.Z are doing. I mean, I guess I can see that they're sitting by a campfire, but for all I know they could still be in a strip club next to the ocean. In all honesty, I can't say I actually had any sort of expectations in mind, but I still think they could have done better.

I still love it, though. Maybe because of just how much I love the song? I don't know. Yet, it's still not quite enough to convince me to get the limited edition version of the album. That is, assuming there are any left by the time I get the money for it.
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