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Full Version: Purchasing Tickets
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hello everyone!

i'm so glad to find this forum. I have a question about what kind of ticket i should purchase for the seattle venue:

when i checked Ticketmaster (which was directly linked to the showbox), they only sell those $30 GA tickets. but when i looked at other webpages, i saw that they were selling $70 GA tickets, $280-$330 FLR tickets (which i'm guessing is for the floor).

what should i buy? it's my first time ever to watch any concert so i feel like i might not get the most out of it (good god, its hyde!) because i bought the wrong ticket. i feel so confused but i also feel like some other webpages are not trustworthy. should i just stick with ticketmaster?

also, what time should i start lining up for the concert? :)

need your help!
Err, I don't know what "other sites" you mean, but to buy tickets, you should always go to the venue's official site and there should be a link there to buy tickets. Don't trust any other websites.

Showbox at the Market's offical site

It says there "Ticket Prices*: $30.00 ADV-$35.00 DOS" meaning that they are $30 if you buy them online, and $35 if you buy them at the door, and there is a link to Ticketmaster where you can purchase the tickets.

Also, "GA" means "General Admission", which means that all tickets are the same. You just need a ticket to get in the door, and then it's up to you where you are in relation to the stage.

As for what time to show up: It kind of depends on how long you want to wait. Some people really just like waiting in line, hehe. I'd plan on being there a couple of hours early, but that's just me. We'll be driving up from Portland, so while I plan on being there a little early, I'm not going to be there at 6 in the morning either ;)

Hope this helps!
So you bought the $30 tickets?

thanks for helping me! i hope to see you in seattle!
Yes, I bought them through the link on the venue's website. This is the only official place to buy tickets. It's General Admission, so all tickets are exactly the same, whether you spend $30 on them or $300.

Hope to see you there too!
Yeah, I bought the tickets for $30 from Ticketmaster too (directly linked from the Showbox website).

I actually got my tickets in the mail yesterday, and it says doors open at 8:00pm.
I guess if you want to be closer to the stage, then go line up a few hours earlier.
Our Seattle tickets just showed up today! *joy* :D
that is so exciting! i'm picking up my tickets from will call.

do we get a chance to meet and greet them? (aside from stalking)
I also bought the ticket from Ticketmaster for $30 (before tax and fees) since it is where the Showbox website directed me to. Be careful with other websites, they might rip you off >_<

I've been wondering about what time I should start lining up too. I will be flying from the Midwest area, so I don't know anyone in Seattle who will be coming to the concert. It will be nice if I can meet some other fans while lining up. I mean, it will be boring to line up by myself -__-;;
hmmm i'll be there farly early so u shouldnt be alone....


I am from my Vancouver and bought my tickets about 2 weeks ago and asked for it to be mailed to me. How long should I expect it to take for the tickets to arrive?
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