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Full Version: Roll call! Who is coming to Portland?
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OK people, time to post here if you're coming to the Portland show!

I'm celeste_ or Christina, your Portland Street Team leader! (I'll also be at Seattle, too.) I'm 30, *gasp*, and live here in the Portland area.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
I'm going to the Portland show, with my boyfriend/bodyguard
awww don't worry about your age, we are both 30 years old too. Since it's an intimate show, it will attract a lot of adults, i guess.

We are traveling from a very far place: Santiago, Chile. Why Portland? Because we liked the venue and we thought it was a very nice city to meet (microbreweries, parks and tax-free stores :D)
I'm going to the Portland show. Hi all ^_^
(04-20-2009, 06:11 PM)VAMPS-Angel Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to the Portland show. Hi all ^_^

*recruiting mode on*

Hiii! *waves*
are you going by yourself, or you're bringing some friends?

It seems that people attending this show are mainly locals...any of you guys know which is the best way to promote the concert in your city? (ex. local newspapers, flyers...)
I think it could be a good idea to make it easy for people from Seattle to go there...i'm sure they'll want to repeat the Vamptastic experience Icon_3nodding.
I'm not going alone, I'm going with my sister (username on here is VAMPS-Devil) and I may bring my mom because she loves Hyde. :)
*shoots hand into the air*

I'll be there with my sister and her friend... and I'm trying to convince my own friends to come with me. XD
HELLO! I'm going to the Portland show. I'm so excited. And yes what VAMPS-Angel said.

Does anyone know if there's gonna be a meet and greet at this show? Or any of the shows? I have to know ahead of time so I can prepare!
No meet and greet has been scheduled so far =/
Hello! C: I'm going to the Portland show as well~
I'm 18 and is a local~ I'll be going with a friend of mine :D
See you guys there! (+ lots more other people, I'm hoping haha xD)

VAMPSVAMPSVAMPSSSS~ I can't waittt *___*
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