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So what songs do you absolutely, positively want to hear at the shows? I imagine that they will consider that they are in America and so most of the concert will be in English not realizing that we don't care if they sing in Japanese or not.
I want japanese songs TOT! I mean a healthy mix ^^ at other lives hyde has played one L'arc song once in a while, he once played I'm so happy! now if they could do something like that I would die.
In response to cathb: Well when HYDE was touring here in the US in 2006, he could've sang COUNTDOWN in English but he didn't. I have no idea what point I'm trying to make right here. lol.

As for the songs I want him to play... HELLO, SEASON'S CALL, EVERGREEN (DIST.), of course GLAMOROUS SKY [ENGLISH VER.], SHALLOW SLEEP (though I highly doubt he will play that...). However, I don't think he will be too focus on some of his old songs since VAMPS album is coming out. He'd probably play that entire album (minus one or two songs possibly) and play some top singles (aka fan favorites).
I'd love to hear...

Made in Heaven
are the two songs I'd LOVE to hear live. 8D Idk if they'll play them but... I think Mission will be played. :)

Probably won't play, but I can dream:
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Probably will play and I will love it!:

Wonder if they'll change the set list up, or it'll be the same for all the shows... Warped shows will probably have shorter sets... but wonder if for all the regular concerts the set will be the same? I think they'll change it up a bit. Icon_3nodding
I hope they play:
-All the songs VAMPS have released until now
-Evergreen, Dolly, Midnight Celebration, Masquerade, Hello, Sweet Vanilla, Hideaway, Mission

Nonsense :-P But i dig those songs!

Ahhh and of course... oF COURSE GLAMOROUS SKY in English please!!!!!!!
Sweet Vanilla, Mission, Glamorous Sky, Countdown, Trouble, Time goes by... and Made in Heaven. =]
(04-15-2009, 03:41 PM)Yumeko Wrote: [ -> ]Faith

Yes!! That is one of my favorite songs ever, if not my absolute favorite.

I also hope they play "The Other Side"...I really really love that song.
i would like them to play season's call, hello, glamorous sky english ver, oasis, masquerade, made in heaven, mission, trouble, time goes by, love addict, sweet vanilla, i gotta kick start now.
Trouble.. definitely trouble, lots of new songs, midnight celebration, the other side, words of love, oasis, Jesus Christ, shallow sleep *favorite song* , faith ....

I could go on forever.
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