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Full Version: VAMPS Karaoke Contest -- Win to Meet Vamps!
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From the site:

"Show us your DEVIL SIDE, for a chance to meet VAMPS!

VAMPS wants to see your DEVIL SIDE! Announcing VAMPS first ever Karaoke Video Contest! Just download the karaoke version of DEVIL SIDE, the song lyrics, and read the Karaoke Video Contest rules (make sure you read these carefully to be eligible to win). Then it is up to you to create your own karaoke video version of VAMPS new single DEVIL SIDE.

Once you've checked the rules carefully, shot your video, and are ready to send us the link via the karaoke contest entry form, please double-check the information and link, because you can only apply once per person... no resubmissions, or second chances. We will stop accepting submissions at midnight on June 21st (Japan time... be careful!)!

Winners will receive an exclusive meeting with VAMPS (for you and a friend), and receive an autograph signing from HYDE and K.A.Z.

Winners will be notified 2 weeks prior to the show they plan to attend, so in order to make sure you'll be there, be sure and get your tickets now. The prize will have no cash value, and cannot be traded, or sold. Winners, and their friends, will be required to show legal photo identification in order to claim their prize.

Remember, please read the VAMPS DEVIL SIDE Karaoke Video Contest rules carefully, because ineligible videos will automatically be disqualified, without notification to the entrant.

So, show us your DEVIL SIDE, and you and a friend could win an exclusive meeting with VAMPS, and get an autograph from HYDE and K.A.Z! Oh, and did we mention that HYDE and K.A.Z are the judges, and that winning is not only based on singing ability? VAMPS will choose winners based on their whim, so do your best and make an impression... and if you win, don't be surprised if they want to talk about your DEVIL SIDE when you meet them.

Looking forward to seeing your DEVIL SIDE!


I don't see any age requirements(?) so I guess it's open to everyone. Good luck to whoever enters!
i'm totally entering!!
They're going to think Im such a weirdo...!!! XD
This is a crazy and great idea, hope many people will join this contest!!!!

I want to join for SURE, I just have some questions... like, can I shoot a video like a regular video-clip and add my recorded voice on DEVIL SIDE karaoke, or do I NEED to be singing along the video, like, a 'live' performance in karaoke?

Need to know ><
*-----* it' great! but, is it only for the countries to which they will tour?
or is general?
I think it is for countries that they tour, because J said winners would be notified 2 weeks before the show they are attending.

My guess is that the winners will meet the band on the day of the concert for their city. I don't know if it's one winner over all or one winner per city...
I wanna enter. I think it's so awesome that they're doing something like this. VAMPS are really awesome to their fans.

I'm gonna try my best, and good luck to everyone who enters!
I'm so going to try this!!!
:OOOO I WANNA ENTER!! :DDD vocals are gonna be a bitch though >_< i also have the same question as Koizumi though (maybe itll be on the official rules though, but) can we record our karaoke singing and place it on the vid we make? or do we have to sing it along as the vid is made??
P.S. im guessin this means there wont be a signing this year :(
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