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Full Version: New L'Arc~en~Ciel FB page
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I know many people were highly disappointed in the way the street team handled everything for the American leg of the Laruku tour. We are trying our best to make a change with that situation.

Please come and join our page. The more people we get, the better chance we have of changing the way things will be done for their next World Tour. We already have people promoting at Anime Conventions on the East and West coast.

We are currently running a Fanfic contest. The prize? A $20 GC from and your fanfic posted for one month on an authors website. Below are the rules and deadline. So please come and join us. We not only post interesting facts about Laruku, but also Acid Android, Tetsuya, Ken, SOAP, Hyde and VAMPS. We accept them one and all.

L'Arc~en~Ciel America FB


We are holding a Best Fanfic contest. It can be with any member of Laruku or any of their solo and side projects. There are a few simple guidelines to follow.

1. Nothing too sexually graphic.

2. Maximum of 1000 words.

3. Yes, even Gackt can be used in the stories.

4. You have until September 2nd to send them in.

Other than that, go for it. Show us your best stories. The prizes will be:

1. A $20 Gift Certificate to

2. Your story will be posted on my website for a month so you can send your friends over to see it.

Send all entries to

If you have any questions, please post them here.

Good Luck!

Feel free to post this on any VAMPS or L'Arc forums you may belong to. Even other street teams are welcome to post this to their sites.
I'm not familiar with many complaints regarding the previous US street team, but I liked your page anyway! I'm always more willing to have a little more L'Arcness happening on my feed.
I've heard a lot from other people about the ST and I personally experienced the problems. I'm not here to bad mouth anyone, just want to give people another choice.

We are all about the members as a group and as individuals. Thank you for liking the page, we so appreciate it.