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Full Version: VAMPS Fan DVD to take flight???
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Alright, I know cathb started a topic like this already, but I barely checked out this part of the forum just today because I thought of the same exact idea just now.

Everyone on that thread said they only have Windows Movie Maker which isn't going to do them ANY good when it comes to any professional editing. So this idea never became concrete.

Well, not claiming I'm a professional, but I think I might be the closest thing this forum's got! I'm a film student! Owning several good software (i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro) (sample of some of my works, nothing special, but I know a few things about filming)

So like cathb has suggested, fans had taken some clips of themselves waiting in line for VAMPS and whatnots. To add on to this idea, I was thinking fans add some commentary or even blog about what happened, how they felt, etc.

Also, another idea, I was thinking collaborating a fan music video! Like lip-syncing, play syncing. So for example, we comprise a video of people playing bass, guitar, drums, and singing. Here's a visual example. Canon Rock w/ 75 people: Like I said earlier, play and lip syncing, so no one would be left out if they couldnt sing or play.

It's a huge responsibility on my part, but I'm willing to do it. But I will need a few more others to help coordinate. Once I can get atleast 12-15 people agreeing on this, I will work out and plan and lay them out. We got the entire Spring and Summer to do this! But if we do do it, we must finish by august.