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Full Version: VAMPS World Tour Promotion
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VAMPS + American Street Team +

Ok, so since it has in fact been announced that there will be a world tour. J had hinted at it last summer at Anime Expo. But anyway, dates and locations are still unavailable, but it's never to early to start spreading the word. So, get out there and inform the otherwise un-informed about VAMPS' upcoming tour. Word of mouth is free, easy, and effective. Good luck and let's kick start this project NOW!!

Much VAMPS-Icon_heart always,

I'm in~ count me for anything we need to get done ^^ I got the experience I needed in the US tour *O*! the pencil idea will work when classes start again ^^
I'll try my best as well ^^ - I must first get brainstorming. The only problem with promoting a tour on my part is that the only people who will actually care in my state (the Anime community, particularly BLOOD+ fans) will probably not be interested unless they know the dates and locations. Of course, there's also the problem that it's in September. =/ - I'll see what I can do to spread it around the interwebz.
It's hard to promote without dates but it's so far away, so just spreading the word about this is good for now! I know I'm telling everyone possible, and a ton of people were telling me on Facebook today~ so even that is a start. :) I kept tweeting about it earlier too, haha~
I'm definetely in
right now I'm spreading the word.
I'll do my best~~ ^^
I will try. First it would be nice to know where they are going, then promotion. Its hard to promote when you have no idea what countries they are going to. Hopefully they announce it earlier than they did for the USA tour.
I'll do everything I can! I've started telling people already but once I know where the shows will be I can do a lot more ^^
I'll promote once again also. Like others, I've already started getting the word out in a general sense without doing anything specific like making flyers.
I've got lots of pencils in the mail :D I'm not sure how to start giving them away though ToT I will use half in the states and half in Peru when I return! (I am currently in the USA)

Let me know if you've got some ideas! maybe wait until college starts? (does people still use pencils TOT?)
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