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Full Version: Welcome to the happiest VAMPS community on Earth...
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Hey All-

Hope this forum helps make this tour even more F%@&ING awesome... be nice to each other, music is about love!

Nothing but love here.

And thank you very much Mr. J for working so hard and staying so connected with us fans. We really appreciate all the work you've done!
Yes, thank you J for all your help!!!

I don't even know if you remember, but you are an awesome FBI Agent all the way!!
Awesome, I think this forum will be really useful~. :)
Thanks so much J!
Thanks for your help J!
I really appreciate your effort for overseas fans!!
thank you J, I also think this forum will be really useful ^^
This is going to be the most awesome tour ever! I'm *beyond* excited about it!
I'm looking forward to this forum growing and talking to other people who will be going to the same show(s) as me!

And thanks to J for being so awesome and keeping up such great communication with us. We really, really appreciate it.
Thanks So much J for all you hard work! I look forward to the shows :)
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