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Full Version: Welcome to the happiest VAMPS community on Earth...
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Yes!! thank you for talking them into this Tour. Hopefully I will get to see 2 shows, and I am so excited. It will be my graduation present from Nursing School!!!

You efforts are most appreciated!!
Along with everyone else, THANK YOU!! So much. I was shamelessly promoting them before this, and now... well, I'm quite relentless :D
Thanks J for doing what you do for us. And Vamps for wanting to come here! I know all have worked so hard to get this tour going and I know it will be the best one ever! It's going to be an experience for me as I've never been to the West Coast before only the East Coast *and of course Middle America LOL* Thanks for making this forum too, I hope the complaining stays at a minimal here.Icon_stare

Thanks again!Icon_heart
This forum is a great idea!

Thank you so much, J, for being the nicest friend of all VAMPS overseas fans. This U.S.A Tour will surely be f&*%@king awesome!!! These vampires rock!

much love,

Thank you J!!!!
My dream will come true in July, thanks to you!! Thank you so much!! Viva la VAMPS!!!
Hello everyone, I am so glad this forum was launched! Viva la VAMPS!!
Thanks to everyone who made this tour possible! This is really a dream come true! I'm so excited!

-Much love from Albany, OR! Icon_heart
This forum is going to make the concerts so much better! Let's all make this the most awesome US tour that VAMPS could ever have~
Well, hopefully they'll have another one some time. XD
let's hope that they have a real blast! i think they will see just how much people from all over care, not just us in the US, because so many are doing their best to make it from other countries too. i'm really proud of how so many are rallying around and making the effort, or even just sending their best wishes, after so much disappointment was voiced before. given enough time, and energy, i'm sure the boys will go to as many places as they can over the next few years. and who knows, this may pave the way for L'Arc and Oblivion Dust to follow suit in the future. ^ ^

thank you J, VAMPROSE, VAMPS touring staff and other management and especially VAMPS own members. the love is here, evident on every page! ^_^
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