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Full Version: Welcome to the happiest VAMPS community on Earth...
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Thank you, J! Glad to be on the forum and I'm looking forward to the tour!
Thanks for all of your hard work to bring Vamps to America!
thank you so much J.


this tour's gonna rock so f--ing hard!!

thank you SO much, J, for all that you do for us! =D

we are all so thankful! ♥
Thanks a lot, J-san!!

& of course, many many many thanks to VAMPS!!!!!!!
Thank you for your help J-san! I believe this forum will be great!
And also, I hope you will persuade our boys to come in Europe! I really want to see them... ^^

Vamps rule!!!
Big kiss from Croatiaaaaa!!!
So, there is a question for you J-san... I know it is a little bit too early to ask about it, but...
Do you guys maybe plan to go in Europe this year? Or anytime... Maybe in Italy or Germany, or some other place near to Croatia?
Thanks J for all that you do, for us and for VAMPS. Glad to know that you will be accompanying the guys as the trek across country. ^ ^
Thanks a lot J.
J さんはすごいです
I'm eternally grateful to Mr. J and everyone making the upcoming tour possible. Thank you x infinity! Icon_heart Icon_heart Icon_heart
Really thanks so much for all J...
great job!!!
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