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Full Version: East Coast Loves Vamps! (EC Fan Project)
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Another update!
Both the front and back covers are now complete. :)
If you think anything should be changed, feel free to speak up! I won't be offended, lol.

[Image: dsc0595z.jpg]

[Image: dsc0596s.jpg]

[Image: dsc0597s.jpg]

Y/N? Approve? Dislike? What? XDD Icon_heartbeat

As for the next (small) part I'm doing, first, a picture:
[Image: dsc0598.jpg]
Inside cover.

On the right side, that canvas you see will be become a pocket. The background will be red (deep red, or light red, anyone?). On the left side, I'm debating between one of two things.
a) Lyrics. (SEX BLOOD ROCK AND ROLL, maybe?)
b) Message to the band. (i.e. Dear VAMPS, Thank you for coming to the east coast. It's Vamp-tastic we can all see you! 8D We love you. Come back plz. Love, fans.)

If I did lyrics on the inside cover, that message to the band would be on the first page then, followed by a page that said NEW YORK 7/11, and after that people would sign.

Before each show then I would dedicate a page to the title, (BALTIMORE 7/16, etc.).

Which would you all prefer - lyrics or message to VAMPS on the inside cover?

The back inside cover is similar:
[Image: dsc0602ggh.jpg]
There will be another pocket for misc. things you might want to put in (artwork you worked long and hard on, a little something, I'm personally putting in some postcards from NYC. 8DDD)

I figured on the left side, I'd put lyrics. I was thinking Mission. What do you all think? (Or maybe Sweet Dreams.)

And last but not least;
[Image: dsc0599uyl.jpg]

They're begging to be filled!!! I hope we can fill up the entire book! :) That's the goal here. ;)

(Still unsure when I'll give it to VAMPS. It seems like the signing at Sonar would be good but that's so early in the day, 2pm. :| If I have no other option though, I might have to do that... not sure if I can give it to them at Otakon personally, and I really want to hand it to THEM. [In my mind, it will work out that way, somehow.])
I'll maybe bring a pre-written letter! or draw dull stuff cause I'm not that good at it lol.

Oh yeah! bright red!
the book is looking so amazing! Icon_biggrin

Ooh i like the idea of the Sex Blood Rock n Roll and Mission lyrics on the front and back inside covers ^^
and i agree, deep red would be cool =D
Lyrics are a good idea, because people will be probably writing messages anyway. Dark red is also a nice color. o -o~ 4 days! Awesome job on the book! :D
(07-07-2009, 03:06 AM)luckyjulia1010 Wrote: [ -> ]the book is looking so amazing! Icon_biggrin

Ooh i like the idea of the Sex Blood Rock n Roll and Mission lyrics on the front and back inside covers ^^
and i agree, deep red would be cool =D

late reply, but i like the cover art..a lot!! and i guess MISSION over Sweet Dreams ONLY because it's the idea behind the forum. personally, i like SD as a tribute Icon_heart back form the fans, just me. Definitely SBRR though..and RED!!Icon_biggrin

Great job. i need to figure what i want to put in there ASAP! just having a hard time getting something that doesn't sound ridiculous from an oldster like me.Icon_eh2

you've done a GREAT job!!!Icon_heartbeatIcon_heartbeat
I still haven't thought of what to write~ XD I don't wanna write something uncreative... D;
You can just write what you feel - something might come to you in line, you never know~ :) You can write as much or as little as you want to as well.
(If people are only writing short amounts though, I'd prefer they don't take up the WHOLE page for just saying, "I LOVE YOU!" - I want to make sure there is room for everyone who wants to put something in to do so, but at the same time, I want the book filled. XD;; Ahhh, such a dilemma. xP)

And you'll have time in line too, don't worry. If you wanted to draw or design something creative, you can take as long as you need, don't worry. We have all day, after all. ;)
That looks AMAZING!! Great job!!
Aha, true. XD
I'll probably draw something then~ Something small, possibly.
Hey everyone! Will the day is almost here. New York show tomorrow!!! The Fan Book is all ready and set to go, just needs to be filled up now! :DDD I'm bringing a ton of stuff with me, but if you have any markers/crayons/colored pencils lying around you don't use, BRING THEM PLEASE!!! If you don't want to keep them anymore, I accept donations of markers/etc., lol. They'll be used up, you can bet that.

I'm hoping to be near the front of the line in NYC. I will go around during the day and have people sign it, but if I don't come up to you, feel free to approach me. I will be wearing a Street Team shirt and probably black shorts during the day. You can find a picture of what I look like in the NYC Introductions thread.

I'll also have all the Fan Book stuff in a DJ SiSen bag:
[Image: dsc2035.jpg]
So if you see that, you'll find me. 8D

I think that's all that needs to be said... please spread the word about this! On your Facebook, twitter, whatever! I want people to know about it!! :)

See you on in New York tomorrow!
(Then CT on Sunday. I probably won't be on again before that. LOOK FOR ME AT WARPED TOUR AS WELL! I'LL BE AT VAMPS STAGE BEFORE AND DURING VAMPS. After that, I'll just be around. |D)
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