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Full Version: Let's go to Vamps Final Party in Hawaii!
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Any one interested in the Final Party on Sep 13th? Just saw on Vamps' myspace blog that tickets will be available for US fans. I am going from Sep 10th-16th. Looking for travel mates!
Email me:


Only if you pay, fellow Guest.
OMV! god knows I'd love to, but I'm still paying for the shows I went to for VAMPS USA X-D I don't think I can do that, I'm playing my last cards to be able to buy Monthly Vamps 13!
I wish you the best, hope you can find honest true mates and enjoy the show :-)
Only if I win the lottery....hmmmm.....odds in probably 1,666,666 million.
I was also wondering if anyone else was going.
(08-16-2009, 01:29 AM)allegrofurioso Wrote: [ -> ]I was also wondering if anyone else was going.

J asked that same question....and people are replying on their MySpace site. Somehow I think they are living under the "rich Americans" stereotype....
They already cleaned us out.
the ticket is like $160 not to mention a plane from anywhere in the US to hawaii is over 500... x_x it's more expensive than going from Peru to DC! Anyway I can't make it nor I want to spend all that in just one concert xD! I already had 7 ^^!

Have fun if you can go.


This is the guest who starts this thread. Sorry I was just too lazy to register...
Think abt it though, it's Hawaii! Might as well tour around the islands while attending the show. This is my justification for all that flight ticket and hotel, etc. I am taking a week's vacation in Hawaii 9.10-9.16. If anyone happens to have the same plan, it will be terrific to arrange sth together.
Thanks for all the well wishes and I hope more of us can make it to the final party!
I want to go so bad but there no way on earth i can after just spending around $2000 to go to the 4 West coast lives I attended. I'm praying they will come back again soon or I can go to Japan next year one and personally I would rather save my money for Japan than go to Hawaii... since the plane ticket is to Japan is just about $300 more than the one to Hawaii.
I would like to go but don't have the money. Also, school just started so I'll be dealing with that.
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