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Full Version: VAMPS Flyers
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No chitchatting please

This thread is for people to share or find printable flyers to promote VAMPS.


- All flyers posted in this thread can be used by anyone

- Only post flyers that you have made or that you have permission to share

- DO NOT post the full image in the thread! They are way too big to post the full flyer
............ A) Post a link to the flyers / gallery with flyers
............ B) Post thumbnails that link to the full image (no bigger than 200W X 250H pixels)

Flyer Creation Reminders:

- Please make sure the flyer you create is big enough to be printed. Doesn't have to be a full page, but just keep in mind that print graphics are bigger than web graphics

- Printers cannot print to the edge of the page. Keep that in mind when creating the flyer

- Don't forget to include website addresses so people can find the band

VAMPS + American Street Team +

I made a few fliers that anyone is welcome to use for now. I made a few in color (4"x6" & 3"x2") and a few in black & white (4"x6" & 3"x2"). You can access them here:
They look amazing! I will print them on july and start giving them away in the US ^^ (won't get there until then TOT)
Thank you very much, they look great!Icon_biggrin
I loved the flyer HP!!! THANX!
The flyers look really good!