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Full Version: HYDE on iTunes USA
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Wow...I was checking out the iTunes store, and I discovered that you can now purchase "HYDE BEST" on iTunes USA!! Man...I had been checking for a while, wondering when HYDE's stuff would start appearing on iTunes. Then, when I stop checking, it shows up. *lol* Anyway, if you didn't know before, now you do. If you already knew this and are thinking, "H.P., that is SO OLD NEWS!" *lol* I apologize. ;) Well, get thee over to iTunes and start posting those reviews!!

Much VAMPS-love,
Oh, very good. D= - I was beginning to think it would NEVER make its way over to iTunes. Although I don't have iTunes nor an iPod so I'm stuck with just purchasing the CD, which I prefer anyway D: - But it's good to see some love for the non-VAMPS stuff on iTunes USA. That way it will be more accesible to USA fans.
Yeah and OBLIVION DUST is on itunes USA as well. They have been on there for a long long time actually. They were on there before L'arc~en~Ciel was even on itunes USA. I think everyone should listen to them, just give them a chance. I mean Kazu is the guitarist for the band!! They make awesome music as well.